Modified Mahindra Thar SUVs in Vanilla White & Candy Red – Yummazing

Here are some crazy modified Mahindra Thar with Vanilla White and Candy Red colours. Now, Mahindra is one of the most popular lifestyle off-roading vehicles in the country. In fact, Mahindra has barely been able to keep up with the massive demand and Thar commands long waiting periods. Unsurprisingly, Thar is also one of the most widely modified cars in the country. The reasons are quite simple. Anyone who buys a Thar focuses on a lifestyle vehicle and probably already has another car for daily use. So, the Thar is a hobby car and modifications are common. People attempt to make it look like some of the more expensive SUVs like the Jeep Wrangler and Mercedes G-Wagon. Let us take a look at what the modifications on these Vanilla White and Candy Red Mahindra Thar are.

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Modified Mahindra Thar in Vanilla White & Candy Red

There are two Thars in the car detailing shop. The YouTuber reviews the Vanilla White first. The entire body of the Thar has been painted vanilla white including the body cladding, wheel arches and bumpers. The front bumper has two tow hooks sticking out in red. The area underneath the front bumper has been painted red to give it a sporty appearance. The round LED headlamps have also been updated and the front grille has been replaced by the one on Wrangler. The bumpers have been exchanged with off-roading-oriented units which are cut from the sides to aid a high approach angle. The rear features a white spare wheel cover with a black element to make it look like the G-Wagon.

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The talking point of this Thar is the retractable side steps. When one opens the doors of the Thar, the side steps appear to aid the ingress and egress of the passengers. Moving towards the inside, the entire layout and colour scheme has been changed. The interiors are covered in sporty red paint extending to the steering wheel, dashboard, upholstery, centre console, door panels, armrests, etc. There are two sunroofs installed on this Thar which is definitely unique. To contrast with the red, some parts are also coloured in silver paint. To take things to the next level, there are massive 22-inch ultra-low profile wheels. Considering our Indian roads, that is certainly not a great option, but they are installed on the Thar anyway.

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Modified Mahindra Thar Vanilla White

Candy Red Mahindra Thar

Comparatively, the changes on the Candy Red Mahindra Thar are somewhat limited. The front features glossy black material on the bumper with LED headlamps with star inserts visible at night. The interiors sport a customized roof with stars that look cool during the night too. There is a push-button start/stop function installed in these Thars. All in all, you will hardly see any other Thar like this on the roads.

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