Tata Xenon Limousine Pickup is Lit – VIDEO

There is simply no limit to what you can achieve in the aftermarket car modification industry in a bid to customise and make your vehicle stand apart.

It ain’t easy to fathom such a heavily modified version of the Tata Xenon so as to turn it into a limousine. Yet, we have evidence to support this mind-boggling metamorphosis. The Xenon is somewhere between a luxurious lifestyle pickup truck and a barebones utilitarian pickup. This gives the automobile modifiers a huge room to leverage its characteristics to design something unique. That is how they were able to pull off this incredulous limousine version of the Xenon while maintaining a cargo bed at the rear. Let us take you through the process of this transformation.

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Modified Tata Xenon Into A Limousine

The YouTuber gives a walk-around tour of this unique car in the video. The front fascia of the Xenon has been modified using plenty of chrome elements in the grille and bumper area. A ‘Limousine’ moniker has been inscribed on the bonnet too. The rest of the silhouette has been kept as it is. The major alteration has been done on the sides. The cabin section of the regular Xenon has been cut out and an additional 6-feet long section has been added to stretch the length to the Limousine proportions. A new set of stylish alloy wheels with high profile tyres have been installed to match this unique styling. The roof rails have been extended in length and so are the side steps.

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The fenders have been designed to complement the design theme which are now squared instead of the stock round. The windows have been tainted black which is typical of limousines around the globe. At the rear, the boot door has been fixed and modern LED taillights have been installed with a sculpted tailgate. Limousine has been written on it and there are additional bumper protecting rods too. The cargo compartment opens upwards to reveal generous boot space.

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modified tata xenon limousine pickup
Modified Tata Xenon limousine pickup


If you know anything about limousines, you know it is all about the luxurious cabin. The colour theme chosen by the owner of this limo is black. The upholstery and entire cabin has been wrapped in black material. There is a glass table installed at one side with LED strips for lighting, an LCD monitor for watching movies, air conditioning, electrical switches for all your needs, and easily convertible furniture that could turn into a bed in seconds. One could even cover the journey while sleeping flat on the bed while the chauffeur is at the steering wheel.

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The cost for this modification is around Rs 7-8 lakh and it takes around 9 months to produce this. You must have your own car and the RTO formalities must be taken care of by you.

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