Most Satisfying Video – Making Of Wooden Car Scale Model Of Land Cruiser

Here is a video where a guy makes a Land Cruiser 2020 with the help of wood carving. The complete process has been shown here.

We all love scale models of our favourite cars and bikes and making a collection out of it. Most of us own those Maisto or Hot Wheels Die Cast scale models, neatly racked up. However, here is one wooden scale model of the latest 2020 Land Cruiser Prado that you might want to add to your collection.

Here’s a guy who has transformed a wooden block into the latest Land Cruiser, to the details. It gets the same alloys, same design for the headlamp and even carvings of the engine and other components. You can see the exquisite detailing done to the front grille and bumpers of the SUV.

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This wooden car scale model has function bonnet, doors and rear boot. The boot is the exact same type that you see on the Prado with two partitions. Then there’s the roof rails and a carving for the sunroof as well. The interesting part is that the artist has also carved the ladder frame chassis on which the original Prado is built.

The chassis is suspended by spring and the body is then perfectly fitted on top. Along with the same alloys, check out the same tyre treading as well. Nothing has been done inside but just from the outside itself, the wooden Land Cruiser looks pretty and so satisfying to see. After all this is done, the artist has polished the car nicely to complete the look.

The artist says that it took him 20 days to make the car. Considering the level of detailing, it is definitely bound to consume a lot of time. On his channel, you can find a lot of other car scale models including the V8 Land Cruiser, Cadillac Sedan, Ford F150 Raptor, Bugatti Chiron, Lexus LX 570 and the Supercar of Russian President, Vladimir Putin.