New 2017 Hyundai Verna vs Maruti Ciaz – COMPARISON!

Hyundai India’s next launch is the all-new Verna. Slated for a launch on August 22, it is an all-new car inside-out (new-gen product). While it will occupy the spot vacated by the outgoing model in the upper-C segment, it goes up against the segment leader in that space. That’s right! The new Verna will compete against the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz. The Ciaz has been leading the segment in terms of sales. Recently, Maruti Suzuki India Limited moved the car to its Nexa network of dealerships. Hence, its positioning as a premium product is now complete. So. how does the new Verna compare to the Ciaz? To help you gauge that, here’s our new 2017 Hyundai Verna vs Maruti Ciaz comparison.New 2017 Hyundai Verna vs Maruti Ciaz

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New 2017 Hyundai Verna vs Maruti Ciaz – Price Comparison

Minimum PriceMaximum Price
New 2017 Hyundai Verna₹ 8.50 lakh*₹ 13.50 lakh*
Maruti Ciaz₹ 7.66 lakh₹ 11.44 lakh

*estimated price. All prices ex-showroom Delhi

The new Hyundai Verna is expected to be priced at the premium end of the upper-C segment. The problem is if that turns out to be true, the Maruti Ciaz will have a big lead over it in terms of price. That’s because as compared to new Verna’s estimated price, the Maruti Ciaz’s current price seems like a bargain. Moreover, even when Maruti Suzuki moved the Ciaz to Nexa dealerships, its price remained unaffected. However, we will reserve our judgement in this area, at least until the new Verna’s prices are revealed.

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New 2017 Hyundai Verna vs Maruti Ciaz – Specifications

SpecificationsNew 2017 Hyundai VernaMaruti Ciaz
Engine1.6-litre petrol/1.6 litre diesel1.4-litre petrol/1.3-litre diesel
PowerPetrol – 121BHP

Diesel – 126BHP

Petrol – 91BHP

Diesel – 89BHP

TorquePetrol – 155Nm

Diesel – 259Nm

Petrol – 130Nm

Diesel – 200Nm

Transmission6-speed MT/6-Speed AT (both engines)5-speed MT/4-speed AT (petrol only)

The all-new Verna retains its current big-dog 1.6-litre engines. Both engines are paired with either a 6-speed manual gearbox and a 6-automatic transmission. In comparison, the Ciaz comes with just one petrol and diesel engine each. These are paired to a 5-speed manual gearbox. The petrol engine can also be had with a four-speed automatic gearbox. The new Verna offers two punchy engines with manual and automatic gearboxes.

New 2017 Hyundai Verna vs Maruti Ciaz – Mileage Comparison

CarMileage (petrol)Mileage (diesel)
New 2017 Hyundai Verna17 KMPL18-23 KMPL
Maruti Ciaz19 KMPL26 KMPL

This is one area where the Ciaz has a huge lead over almost every other sedan in the country (except for the new Dzire, that is). Expect the new Verna to be outgunned in both petrol and diesel guises in comparison to Ciaz’s mileage. The only guise in which Maruti Ciaz could lose a bit of ground is in the petrol engine-automatic gearbox option. Even then, its mileage should be on the higher side.

New 2017 Hyundai Verna vs Maruti Ciaz – Dimensions

DimensionsNew 2017 Hyundai VernaMaruti Ciaz
Length (mm)4,3854,490
Width (mm)1,7291,730
Height (mm)1,4501,485
Wheelbase (mm)2,5802,650

In terms of physical dimensions, don’t expect the Ciaz to lose to the all-new Verna. In each and every dimension here, be it length, width or wheelbase, the Ciaz is the better car here. As it is 105mm longer than the new Hyundai Verna, the Maruti Ciaz also has 70mm more wheelbase (more legroom). Width-wise, the Ciaz is still able to eke out a 1mm advantage (negligible but still an advantage) over the 2017 Verna. Lastly, the Ciaz offers 35mm more headroom than the all-new Verna. Taller occupants will find it easier to fit in the Ciaz.

New 2017 Hyundai Verna vs Maruti Ciaz – Exterior Design Comparison

We have covered the new 2017 Hyundai Verna in great detail. So, we will keep it short and simple here. The new Verna will be a new-gen product. Its design is based on Hyundai’s Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 design language. Hence, it looks sleek, sharp and flamboyant. Yet, the design has a mature feel to it. Taken as a whole, this car looks great.

The Maruti Ciaz has been on the market for a few years now. Yet, its design still feels fresh. The car’s understated design has a sophistication to it. The fact that it has generous dimensions only enhances its sophistication. The move to the Nexa dealership has only brought a new colour addition to the Ciaz. The pulled-back projector headlamps make the car look sharp but not overly so. The four-slat grille lends sophistication to the front end. Its alloy wheels give the car its understated appeal. The wraparound taillamps lend this car a sense of relaxation. Taken as a whole, the Ciaz feels akin to a guy who is all business but knows how to kick back and relax too.

New 2017 Hyundai Verna vs Maruti Ciaz – Interior Design Comparison

The interior of the new Verna seems like a nice place to be in. The dual-tone treatment given to its cabin should make for a nice ambience. Since the 2017 Verna is a new generation product, its dashboard has seen a redesign. It gets a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment unit flanked by two trapezoidal A/c vents on either side. The steering too sees a redesign with revised button layout. The seats have beige leather with black inserts. Even the door trim gets the dual-tone colour treatment.

The interior of the Ciaz is ruled by beige. There are black inserts on the door trims and the car’s dashboard also gets dual-tone colour treatment. The dashboard on the Ciaz gets faux wood plastic inserts to give it a premium touch. The centre console is dominated by Maruti’s SmartPlay infotainment unit that has Apple CarPlay functionality. Below it sit the HVAC controls. As a whole, this car’s interior does seem to have been put together nicely.

New 2017 Hyundai Verna vs Maruti Ciaz – Conclusion

Price – Price wise, Hyundai will have to pull a shocker with 2017 Verna’s pricing to challenge the Ciaz’s leadership in the upper-C segment. Unless the new Verna’s prices are really competitive, there is no competitor to Ciaz’s leadership.

Specifications – On the spec sheet front, the all-new Verna offers more powerful engines with a manual and an automatic gearbox option with either engine. In comparison, the Ciaz offers an automatic gearbox with the petrol engine only.

Mileage – There is no challenging Ciaz is this area. Its engines are more frugal than the engines that all-new Verna has. Forget about the Ciaz Diesel SHVS, even the petrol Ciaz does more kilometres per litre in comparison to the new Verna’s engine

Dimensions – Again, the Ciaz’s advantage is in this area is quite big. Offering more headroom and legroom than the new 2017 Hyundai Verna, the Maruti car will be more accommodating for tall occupants.

Design – Both cars look great. The new Verna’s appeal lies in how nicely it pulls off that Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 design language, looking flamboyant and mature in equal measure. The Ciaz has a more sophisticated look to it. The car looks as if it means business, even though it is all calm and relaxed about it. Each car will find their own admirers.

So, what do you say about our new 2017 Hyundai Verna vs Maruti Ciaz comparison? Do share your views by commenting below.