New Honda City is Already the Best-Selling Sedan in its Segment!

Honda managed to sell 2,299 units of the fifth-gen City in August 2020 in India, thus securing the top position in terms of sales in the C-segment sedan space for the month. The sales in this segment is still miles behind those of the mid-size SUVs.

After a huge influx of new SUVs in 2019, the mid-size sedan segment is finally seeing some action in 2020. Almost all the C-segment sedans in India were either comprehensively updated or even received a generation change. The biggest update in the C-segment sedan space has been the launch of the fifth-generation Honda City, which is also one of the oldest nameplates in India. The Hyundai Verna received a hefty facelift whereas the Skoda Rapid and Volkswagen Vento got brand-new engines under their hood.

The Honda City is already the best selling C-segment sedan in India for August 2020.
The Honda City is already the best selling C-segment sedan in India for August 2020.

It was only the Maruti Ciaz and Toyota Yaris that have not been updated stepping into the BS6 era other than of course, their BS6 compliance. But coming back to the Honda City, the fifth-gen sedan is already off to a great start as it secured the position of the best selling mid-size sedan in August 2020 in India. Honda managed to sell 2,299 units of the new City in August 2020 but it was followed very closely by the new Hyundai Verna which recorded sales of 2,015 units. The Honda City and Hyundai Verna are currently the most popular in their segment.

C-Segment SedanSales
1Honda City2,299
2Hyundai Verna2,015
3Maruti Suzuki Ciaz1,223
4Skoda Rapid844
5Toyota Yaris438
6Volkswagen Vento172

These numbers however should not be confused with the overall growth of the segment. The sale of these C-segment sedans has witnessed a huge drop in numbers in these recent years and that’s primarily due to the rising popularity of the mid-size SUVs. It was the Honda City, Hyundai Verna and Maruti Suzuki Ciaz that made up the bulk of the sales in this segment with the Ciaz in third position with 1,223 units sold. To give you a perspective, the total number of C-segment sedans sold in August combined is less than the sales of the Hyundai Creta alone in August 2020.

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Although the Honda City has had a good start, it remains to be seen if the car can continue with its momentum in the months to come. The Skoda Rapid, Toyota Yaris and the Volkswagen Vento rounded off the sales in this segment with rather poor performance. The Skoda Rapid has however managed to fare better than what it did previously, thanks to great pricing for the entry-level variants which are really great value for money. Skoda managed to record sales of 844 units of the Rapid in August 2020.

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The Toyota Yaris has been around in our market for about two years now but it never really took off in terms of sales. Although it has always been one of the least popular ones, Toyota likely has an update for the Yaris lined up soon. As for the Volkswagen Vento, it finished last on the table this time with just 172 units sold, and that’s despite being so similar to the Skoda rapid under the skin. Heck, it even drives great and the new 1.0L TSI engine is bliss. It was however let down by its pricing and because it’s an ageing product.