Top 5 New Maruti Baleno Cars with 16, 17 & 18-inch Alloys

The aftermarket alloy wheel market is booming for the past few years with car owners wanting unique designs to make their cars look uber cool and different.

Maruti Baleno has recently received a new version and with these larger aftermarket alloys, these Balenos look even newer. The premium hatchback segment is completely dominated by Baleno and the rivals in Hyundai i20 and Tata Altroz are always found playing catch up. Plati is one of the biggest players in the aftermarket alloys industry and all of these designs are offered by them. Check out these unique patterns in the alloys for the new Maruti Baleno.

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New Baleno With Aftermarket Alloys

new maruti baleno 17-inch alloy wheels
5 examples of 16, 17, and 18-inch alloy wheels for new Maruti Baleno

Plati PY-009 17″ Machined Hyper Silver

These alloys have a 5-spoke pattern and silver finish which gives a sporty vibe to the hatchback. They make the car look too high off the ground. These have low-profile tyres which aid in the handling capabilities. However, the ride quality is compromised due to a thinner sidewall.

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New Baleno Aftermarket Alloys

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Plati PY-9018 16″ Machined Black

These are appropriate for Baleno as the hatchback comes with 16-inchers as standard. There are not too many adjustments required to install these. Also, the driving characteristics of the vehicle are not changed too much because of the similar profile to stock. This design features a 10-spoke pattern that looks elegant.

New Baleno Aftermarket Alloys

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Plati PY-009 17″ Black Milling

These alloys are ideal for those who are looking for a black shade to make the car look more sporty. The design gives out the impression of a dual 5-spoke pattern with black spoke and silver outlines. Being 17-inchers, the driving characteristics and mileage of the car will be changed a bit.

New Baleno Aftermarket Alloys

Plati New Arrivals PY-010 16″ Hyper Silver

These are one of the most eye-catching design patterns on alloys. This again features the stock 16-inch profile and has a 10-spoke pattern. The hyper silver looks great with black body colour and other dark colours. This would make your car look distinct from far away.

New Baleno Aftermarket Alloys

Maruti Baleno With 18-inchers

These last aftermarket alloys measure a whopping 18-inch and look ultra-cool on the white Maruti Baleno. The silver finish would look better with the dark paint shades. However, one will have to compromise on the ride quality a lot and the weight of the tyre with such a profile will also reduce the mileage. But they look unique and desirable.

New Baleno Aftermarket Alloys

Let us know which among these were your favourite aftermarket alloys on the new Maruti Baleno.

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