New Maruti Baleno vs Hyundai Elite i20 vs Honda Jazz vs Volkswagen Polo


Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. revived the Baleno moniker in the form of a brand new hatchback that went on sale last year. The made-in-India Baleno rivals the Hyundai Elite i20, Honda Jazz and Volkswagen Polo. The premium end of the hatchback market has never been Maruti’s forte. However, Ciaz and S-Cross have tasted enough success for the company to push forth more premium products. Maruti being the king of hatchbacks has nailed it again with the new Baleno. We take a look at Maruti’s latest to figure out the advantages its enjoys over immediate rivals. Here’s our new Maruti Baleno vs Elite i20 vs Jazz vs Polo comparison.

New Maruti Baleno vs Elite i20 vs Jazz vs Polo Comparison

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New Maruti Baleno vs Elite i20 vs Jazz vs Polo Price Comparison

Maruti Baleno 1.2 Petrol Hyundai Elite i20 1.2 Petrol Honda Jazz 1.2 Petrol Volkswagen Polo 1.2 Petrol
Sigma INR 4.99 lakhs Era INR 5.36 lakhs E INR 5.35 lakhs Trendline INR 5.33 lakhs
Delta INR 5.71 lakhs Magna INR 5.90 lakhs S INR 5.94 lakhs Comfortline INR 5.96 lakhs
Zeta INR 6.31 lakhs Sportz INR 6.41 lakhs SV INR 6.49 lakhs Highline INR 6.57 lakhs
Alpha INR 7.01 lakhs Sportz(O) INR 6.76 lakhs V INR 6.84 lakhs
CVT INR 6.76 lakhs Asta INR 6.99 lakhs S AT INR 7.03 lakhs
Asta (O) INR 7.18 lakhs VX INR 7.33 lakhs
Magna 1.4 Automatic INR 9.02 lakhs V AT INR 7.89 lakhs

All three rivals of the Baleno have a base price of roughly INR 5.3 lakhs. However, Baleno undercuts the rivals by a good margin. It is priced at INR 4.99 lakhs. At INR 7.33 lakhs for top model, Honda Jazz is the most expensive.

New Maruti Baleno vs Elite i20 vs Jazz vs Polo Comparison

Maruti Baleno 1.3 Diesel Hyundai Elite i20 1.4 Diesel Honda Jazz 1.5 Diesel Volkswagen Polo 1.5 Diesel
Sigma INR 6.16 lakhs Era INR 6.47 lakhs E INR 6.54 lakhs Trendline INR 6.68 lakhs
Delta INR 6.81 lakhs Magna INR 7.01 lakhs S INR 7.18 lakhs Comfortline INR 7.31 lakhs
Zeta INR 7.41 lakhs Sportz INR 7.56 lakhs SV INR 7.69 lakhs Highline INR 7.92 lakhs
Alpha INR 8.11 lakhs Sportz(O) INR 7.88 lakhs V INR 8.14 lakhs
Asta INR 8.11 lakhs VX INR 8.63 lakhs
Asta (O) INR 8.30 lakhs

The base diesel trims of the i20 and Jazz are similarly priced at INR 6.46 and 6.54 lakhs respectively. The Polo Diesel starts a little bit higher at INR 6.68 lakhs. The Baleno starts at INR 6.16 lakhs. It goes all the way up to INR 8.11 lakhs. Honda Jazz is priced between INR 5.25 to 7.89 lakhs.

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New Maruti Baleno vs Elite i20 vs Jazz vs Polo Specs Comparison

PETROL Maruti Baleno 1.2 Petrol Honda Jazz 1.2 Petrol Hyundai Elite i20 Petrol Volkswagen Polo 1.2 Petrol
Displacement 12. litre 1.2 litre 1.2 litre/1.4 litre 1.2 litre
Power 83 bhp 89 bhp 82 bhp/99 bhp 74 bhp
Torque 115 Nm 110 Nm 115 Nm/132 Nm 110 Nm
Transmission 5-speed manual/CVT 5-speed manual/CVT 5-speed manual/4-speed AT 5-speed manual
Mileage 21.4 kpl 18.7 kmpl/19 kmpl 17.19 kmpl 16.47 kmpl
New Maruti Baleno vs Elite i20 vs Jazz vs Polo Comparison
Jazz the only hatchback which gets an automatic transmission option currently
DIESEL Maruti Baleno 1.3 Diesel Honda Jazz 1.5 Diesel Hyundai Elite i20 1.4 Diesel Volkswagen Polo 1.5 Diesel
Displacement 1.3 litre 1.5 litre 1.4 litre 1.5 litre
Power 74 bhp 99 bhp 89 bhp 89 bhp
Torque 190 Nm 200 Nm 220 Nm 230 Nm
Transmission 5-speed manual 6-speed manual 6-speed manual 5-speed manual
Mileage 27.39 kpl 27.3 kmpl 22.54 kmpl 20.14 kmpl

The diesel Baleno is the most underpowered car of the lot. Yet, it is only marginally more fuel efficient than the Honda Jazz.

New Maruti Baleno vs Elite i20 vs Jazz vs Polo Design Comparison

It’s been a while since the new Baleno has been on sale here. While we aren’t too fond of the slightly quirky looks, the audience seems to have loved it. The nose, in particular, looks a bit odd with its Swift-like headlamps and inverted trapezoidal grille. However, we do like the headlamp detailing with its projector unit and LED daytime running lights and even the bumper looks pretty sporty. The other three hatchbacks have been around for some time now so everyone is familiar with their design. However, we like the European styling of the Elite i20 and the Polo looks a tad bit more appealing than the van-like Jazz.

On the inside, though, the Baleno’s cabin is very refreshing featuring a cool looking centre console and a black colour scheme. Interior space offered by the Baleno stands at par with the other three here. Among the i20, Jazz and Polo, the Jazz’s interiors are a bit low on quality and we aren’t a big fan of the design either. But it does have the maximum amount of headspace. The Polo features a neatly laid dashboard layout with high-quality materials but loses out on cabin space. Among these three the Elite i20 offers the best blend of space, design and quality.

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The current industry standards in terms of equipment list have been set very high by manufacturers. While Baleno, i20 and Jazz come loaded with features, it’s the Volkswagen Polo that falls a bit short. There are no essential features missing from the car, but its competitors offer a lot more at a similar price. All cars feature an automatic climate control, integrated stereo with Bluetooth, USB and AUX support, steering mounted controls, etc. As part of a recent update, Hyundai has added a new touchscreen AVN to the Elite i20 which means the Polo is the only hatch here that does without any such system. The Maruti Baleno is the only car which comes with bi-Xenon headlamps and LED daytime running lights.

New Maruti Baleno vs Elite i20 vs Jazz vs Polo Comparison

New Maruti Baleno vs Elite i20 vs Jazz vs Polo – Verdict

Clearly, the competition is tough, but the Maruti Baleno has managed to pull buyers away from it’s established rivals. This is majorly due to its fresh looks, a strong set of features, aggressive pricing and Maruti’s unmatched after sales service and support. The audience seems to love the Baleno’s looks, which surely are slightly unconventional. All said and done, the Maruti Baleno comes across as a well rounded product that ticks most of the right boxes.

New Maruti Baleno vs Elite i20 vs Jazz vs Polo Comparison

What do you think of our New Maruti Baleno vs Elite i20 vs Jazz vs Polo comparison? Stay tuned to Car Blog India for more posts like the New Maruti Baleno vs Elite i20 vs Jazz vs Polo Comparison here. Also, what do you think of our New Maruti Baleno vs Elite i20 vs Jazz vs Polo Comparison? Do you agree with us on the outcome of this comparison? Do let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Maruti Baleno is looking much refreshing than others & launching just before festival will help it make strong presence on road.

  2. Baleno looks quite different and fresh from MSI stable, should have been on priority before S-Cross, waiting to see on road.. all the best.

  3. Baleno looks is very beautiful and space is also high but quality of materiel is very light and cheap… Not a safe drive with this car.

  4. Nice comparision with paper details. I was expecting more. At least, my main concern is their comparision in ride quality which is missing from your review but it is still a lot helpful for others. Thank you.

  5. elite i20 is the best of all. i take test drive all variant of the above. but i feel no car just like stylist and specious and lots of futures in one car. its luxurious Can in india. i Purchase today and its work of price i spend.

  6. Jazz stands best in terms of Engine , Power and smooth drive . No noise while driving typical Honda Engine . Now Maruti giving features without upgrading engine . i20 regressed previous i20 where safety features not given as even option from base variant .

    Polo issue with cabin and happy own Jazz

  7. what about in safety with Baleno when compared with other rivals .can they publish it star rating in safety

  8. Have purchased #Maruti #Baleno Alpha Diesel on 2nd June 2016, and found that made mistake by falling for the so much hype and claimed features. The car is good at interiors but the most Important part -Safety is overlooked, Brakes are not responsive neither the ABS/EBD. But the worst thing came to me when I was driving on the highway and found that as the Car came on the concrete road having groves it started Wobbling and I was losing control as the speedometer moves over 60-70 kmph.It feels like the Vehicle is sliding to left and right continuously. When complained the same with the dealership-NEXA, came to know that similar complaints are made by few other customers as well but the reason is not known. Since then I am writing mails to Nexa Dealership & Maruti Suzuki customer care but no one is responding.Instead while inquiring personally and having a test drive with their technical team for the problem they have admitted the issue but later on blame the Road, How can anyone buy this when I am driving the same road for last 6+ years with different vehicles and models without any such issue. How Irresponsible of Maruti Suzuki, they are playing with life of their customers and others by launching such faulty models on roads

  9. May I know vw polo gt tsi vs maruti baleno automatic, which one is best in after service and maintenance cost.


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