Are You Aware of New Rules on Helmets & Two-Wheelers?

In a bid to make our roads and driving safer, the government has introduced some new rules pertaining to two-wheelers in India.

There have been new rules introduced related to helmets in India. Indian roads are considered quite dangerous because a lot of people don’t follow the rules and regulations. In addition to that, there are numerous unexpected events on the roads that make driving challenging. The least we can do is exercise precaution from our side. To achieve that, the government is introducing new rules.

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New Rules Regarding Helmets in India

The YouTuber has gathered the latest information on the specifications of a few new rules in this video. First of all, the action cameras and Go-Pro cameras that people used to stick to their helmets to capture surroundings are banned in the state of Kerala. The logic behind this rule is that a lot of bloggers often turn their heads in the direction of what they want their audiences to see. This leads to distraction from the road causing accidents. In fact, many such unfortunate scenarios have been reported that resulted directly from the negligence of the rider.

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Secondly, both the rider and pillion on any sort of two-wheeler will now be required to wear a proper helmet. The conditions for the helmet are that it must have the ISI mark and must weigh at least 1.2 kg. This takes all those cheap helmets out of the equation that a lot of people use. They can’t provide acceptable safety in the case of crashes. Hence, this rule is applicable across the country. This is yet another welcome rule that is bound to enhance road safety and the safety of the people. Also, the visor should be transparent and not of any other colour.

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New Rules for Helmets in India
New Rules for Helmets in India

It must be mentioned that one should take the responsibility for his safety into his own hands and must take these things seriously. Such rules only help assert pressure on people to make these decisions. That is the only way to standardise safety regulations in our country. Let us hope that these rules will be adequately followed and road safety is enhanced.

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