New Maruti Wagon R VS Chevrolet Beat – Which Is Better And Why ?

Maruti Suzuki has marked its presence in the small car segment which lies in the price bracket of Rs. 3.5 Lakh and Rs. 4.5 Lakh by launching its New Maruti Wagon R 2010 with loads of advancements, better looks and more features. In this article I will compare New Maruti Wagon R with Chevrolet Beat which is setting new sales record for Chevrolet India.

New Wagon vs Chevrolet Beat

The pricing of both the cars is nearby and they both fall in same bracket but the styling differs drastically. In this post I will compare Engine, Design, Exteriors, Interiors of both the cars so that you can better decide between the two cars. I have also recently compared Maruti Wagon R Vs Ford Figo Petrol.

New Wagon R Vs Chevrolet Beat Exterior Styling

The styling of both cars is appealing and modern, but I find beat more attractive from exteriors with its beautiful curves and sharp eye like headlamps and distinctive rear with rear-lamp styling. New Wagon R is much better compared to the previous Wagon R, but it lags behind the beat in terms of Styling. For Styling, my vote goes to Chevrolet Beat.

Chevrolet Beat Dimension :

Length = 3595mm; Width = 1595mm; Height = 1520;

New Wagon R Dimensions :

Length = 3595mm ; Width = 1495mm; Height = 1700mm;

Considering the dimensions of these cars, I find that Wagon R is about 100 mm less wide and 180mm taller. This means that elbow room for passengers is congested in Wagon R, especially if 3 passengers sit in rear seat when comparing to the Chevrolet Beat. Considering the height, Wagon R has more head space for tall passenger, but consider the fact that this height contains roof-rail height in it.

New Wagon R Engine Vs Chevrolet Beat Engine

Engine Specifications of New Wagon R:

  • 3 Cylinder Water Cooled KB Series Engine
  • 998 CC MPFI Engine
  • Max Power – 67 BHP @ 6200 RPM
  • Max Torque – 90 Nm @ 3500 RPM
  • 5 Speed Manual transmission

Engine Specifications of Chevrolet Beat:

  • New Generation S-TEC II engine
  • 1196 CC / 4 Cylinder / 16 Valve DOHC
  • Max Power output of 80.5 BHP @ 6200 RPM
  • 108 Nm Torque @ 4400 RPM
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission

Chevrolet beat is no doubt more powerful and punchy with about 20 % more torque and 20% more power compared to New Wagon R, but it is also approx 20% more in terms of displacement with a 1.2 L engine compared to 1 L engine of Wagon R, but the max torque delivery of Wagon R is at a lower RPM which is an advantage in congested driving situations.

So in this case, my opinion is neutral towards both these cars. If I have to make a choice, I would go for a more powerful engine because I do not drive too much and I don’t mind if the fuel mileage of my car is slightly lower. But a person who drives a lot and has fuel mileage as primary concern, smaller engine makes better sense as it will deliver comparatively more mileage.

New Wagon R Interiors Vs Chevrolet Beat Interiors

Interiors of New Wagon R are pleasant, elegant and good quality. Dual tone interiors and cup holder, under-seat storage, rear split seat etc make the interiors really useful and comfortable. Also the rear seats have been drifted backwards to make more legroom, so its more spacious and comfortable for rear passengers.

Interiors of Chevrolet beat are more sport, fun and futuristic compared to the Wagon R. The interior styling has been done keeping the youthful look in mind, so it gives a pleasant and energetic feeling. The instrument cluster is like none other and spooked wheels and round gear knobs make it a really attractive car when compared with Wagon R.

The selecting between two depends on what you are looking for. If you want a simple elegant design inside, Wagon R is your pick, and if you are looking for stylish and youthful experience, Chevrolet beat will be your pick. I will choose Chevrolet beat.

New Wagon R Price Vs Chevrolet Beat Price

The price difference between New Wagon R and Chevrolet Beat is almost negligible, so your decision for choosing between two will not be much dependent on the price.

Cost Of New Wagon R In Delhi (Ex-Showroom)

  • Price Of New Wagon R Lx is Rs. 3.28 Lakhs
  • Price Of New Wagon R Lxi is Rs. 3.57 Lakhs
  • Price Of New Wagon R Vxi is Rs. 3.81 Lakhs
  • Price Of New Wagon R Vxi with ABS is Rs. 4.12 Lakhs

Cost Of Chevrolet Beat In Delhi (Ex-Showroom)

  • Chevrolet Beat PS for  Rs. 3.34 lakhs
  • Chevrolet Beat LS  for Rs. 3.54 lakhs
  • Chevrolet Beat LT for  Rs. 3.94 lakhs

New Wagon R After Sales Service Vs Chevrolet Beat After Sales Service

No doubts Maruti Suzuki has far more service center compared to Chevrolet, but if you don’t live in urban or far off areas, you need not worry much about it. Chevrolet’s service network is not that bad. To clear your apprehensions, you can look for the nearest service center before making your decision.

Car Blog India verdict – New Wagon R Vs Chevrolet Beat

In my opinion, If you are looking for a lively and powerful car, Chevrolet beat is your pick. If your inclination is more towards simple design, more mileage and easy serviceability, Wagon R may offer slightly better deal. But I would like to go with Beat as its an overall better package in terms of looks and power at the same price as that of Wagon R.

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