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Leaked Pictures- Nissan’s Duster To Get A Very Different Looking Front And Rear

When Nissan stated that the Nissan’s version of the Duster was going to be more than just changes in badges and tweaking of the headlamp and tail lamp cluster, they seemed to be quite sure that they were not going to go the Micra-Pulse or the Sunny-Scala way. Nissan has been keeping mum about the design of the Nissan Duster and some leaked pictures have skipped on to the interweb which seem to be the ones of the Nissan’s crossover for the global as well as Indian market.

The images are not of the real car but instead are 3D images which are meant for the research purpose and internal circulation at the Nissan headquarters. But when these leaked 3D Image renderings of Nissan’s Duster, are compared to the current Duster, they very clearly give way to the fact that this is indeed a revamped Duster. Nissan has already confirmed the launch of the SUV for the year 2013 and have clearly stated that it would be quite different from the Renault Duster.

Nissan Re-badged Renault Duster SUV (1)

The front of the car in the spy shots gets a major overhaul and if it was not for the positioning of the windshield, tow hook, radio antenna and fog lamps, the car actually would have nothing similar to the Duster as the head lamps, grilles, bumper and bonnet seem completely redesigned.

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Also the rear reminds you of Chevrolet Orlando instead of the Renault Duster and the tail lamps seem to draw an inspiration from the Chevrolet crossover.


Nissan Re-badged Renault Duster SUV (2)

Nissan’s Chennai facility will be used for making this SUV and the production lines would not have to be readjusted much since the Duster is already built there and the car would have similar dimensions and body parts. The car will be made after heavy levels of localization to keep the costs on the lower side and since it would be priced around Rs.50,000-Rs.60,000 lesser than the Duster seeing the pricing policies, it would be a runaway success and the Duster shall find fewer takers than it does as of now.

Source: Facebook via IAB