Nissan India Replaces Defective Kicks Turbo with Cheaper and Less Powerful 1.5 NA Variant

Car News » Nissan India Replaces Defective Kicks Turbo with Cheaper and Less Powerful 1.5 NA Variant

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In a weird incident, a Nissan Kicks Turbo owner who reported multiple issues has been given a different engine variant as replacement. The said Kicks owner took his new SUV to the service centre 3 times in just 15 days but his vehicle continued facing troubles. Finally, though, he finally got a replacement car. Strangely, though, it turns out he has been given the less powerful 1.5-litre NA engine variant. Now, the sales of the Kicks are minuscule compared to the segment leader, Hyundai Creta. In recent times, all the major players have introduced their products in this space, while Nissan failed to put an updated version of the SUV to compete against them. Hence, it has faced continuously deteriorating sales. For the people who still buy it, such incidents are heartbreaking.

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Defective Nissan Kicks Turbo replaced with 1.5 NA model
Defective Nissan Kicks Turbo replaced with 1.5 NA model

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Nissan Kicks in Service Centre Thrice Due To Issues

The owner of the Kicks shared this information on the Nissan Kicks India page on Facebook. He reported multiple issues in a brand-new car. Shockingly, he started facing troubles on the day of the delivery itself. While travelling home from the showroom, the instrument panel showed these errors – Check Injection System, Check Anti-Pollution System, Check ESC, and Check Hill Start Assitant. As a new car owner, having these problems on the same day as the delivery could be disheartening beyond comprehension. He sent it back to the service workshop on the same day.

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After returning the car back to the owner, he encountered a similar issue yet again. The situation got worse after the car was sent to the workshop 3 times in just 15 days with no permanent solution in sight. It is not an ideal scenario when the service centre personnel are not able to diagnose and fix the issue of the customers. Finally, after a lengthy correspondence with the relevant officials at Nissan India, the company replaced his defective SUV with a new car. But the fact that the replacement is a less powerful version is something that hasn’t gone down too well with the owner. He writes – “I didn’t get 1.3 Turbo instead I got 1.5. I think I have some driving thrill now.” However, the owner is still upbeat about the fact that Nissan replaced his defective vehicle with a brand new car.

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Nissan Kicks Test Drive Review

We can only hope that Nissan officials look into this matter and expedite it as soon as possible. Otherwise, they stand to lose their image and a lot of customers. If the brand image gets tarnished, even successful products like the Magnite will suffer. Not to mention, exports from India are a major part of the business of Nissan. Therefore, it is in the interest of everyone if this matter is resolved at the earliest. What are your thoughts on the matter?