Nissan Micra Small Car Price Increased In April 2011


Despite of the appreciable efforts made by Nissan , the small car Nissan Micra has failed  to generate enough sales for the brand to give it a new identity and make its position firm in the market. This upcoming news might add a bit more trouble to the already falling sales figures as it says that the brand has officially announced a 0.5% to 2% price hike on respective models of Micra.

The hike is applicable for both Nissan Micra Petrol as well as Nissan Micra Diesel and will fall in the range of Rs.2,500 to Rs.11,170 with effect from today i.e. 11th of April, 2011.

Nissan Micra Price Hike

Justifying the price hike Mr. Kiminobu Tokuyama,M.D. & CEO, Nissan Motor India, said, “There has been a steady increase in the input cost over a period of time. It has come to a situation now that the price hike is inevitable and we have decided to increase the price of Micra.”

The car is just not doing enough for the Indian customers and they find other cars like Hyundai i20 and Ford Figo way more potent. Another factor is the high cost of the car which is directly affecting its sales and with the new hike taking effect from today, we doubt how Micra would be able to survive in our price sensitive small car segment.

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