Another Ola S1 Pro’s Suspension Breaks Off, Caught on CCTV

Electric Vehicle (EV) News » Another Ola S1 Pro’s Suspension Breaks Off, Caught on CCTV

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Ola has been struggling with the issue of suspension failure on its electric scooters for quite some time now.

Ola has finally issued a recall for its S1 electric scooter over the suspension failure issue that has been plaguing the EV startup for a long time now. There have been a lot of instances where electric scooter owners have reported cases where the front fork of their electric scooters broke down while riding on roads. Ola has sold over 1.5 lakh EVs in 2022 alone and the monthly sales crossed the Rs 18,000 mark in January. With so many EVs on the road, the announcement by Ola is much appreciated.

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Ola S1 Recall for Suspension

The video has been uploaded by Raftaar 7811 on YouTube. This channel keeps featuring content around road safety and the performances of cars in unfortunate situations. This time around, yet another video has come to the surface where an Ola rider is seen moving on his electric scooter from outside his home and crashing just a few metres away. The entire episode has been recorded on CCTV. Thankfully, the speed was low because of which the rider didn’t get injured.

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This is another addition to the long list of cases where the front suspension simply collapsed by making a turn around a corner. Because of this, Ola has received heavy flak from customers and consumers alike. However, Ola has announced that even though there was no particular fault with the existing suspension of the EV, they are still issuing a recall where they will upgrade the suspension of the S1 scooters free of cost.

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For this, the Ola S1 owners can book an appointment at their nearest dealership starting March 22. The new fork will most likely remedy the issue of suspension failure and people would feel more confident about the company. Therefore, this is a great step by Ola in the right direction and has received praise from industry experts. With this, the potential buyers would be more confident in investing their hard-earned money in an Ola product.

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