State-Wise Percentage of Citizens That Owns a Car- J&K to Kerala

Statistics are extremely crucial to understanding various facets of anything. This particular survey encompasses the percentage of Indian households that own a car.

Here is a detailed National Family Health Survey-5 (2019-2021) that lists out each state of India and how many people own cars there. Now, India is one of the fastest-growing automobile markets in the world. It is also the 5th-largest automobile industry. However, an overwhelming majority of people own two-wheelers in our country. This survey takes into account only the households which own a car in every state.

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State-Wise Percentage of Population That Owns a Car- J&K to Kerala

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People Who Own Cars In Every State In India

For ease of understanding and reading, let us divide the country into 4 broad regions. In the North, one could see that these states are among those where the number of cars per household is the highest. These states represent a vast chunk of the population with cars. This table summarises the top 5 states with the highest percentage.

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StatePercentage of people owning a car
Undivided J&K23.7
Himachal Pradesh22.1

In the south, Kerala boasts of being the state with an overly high percentage of the population with cars. It is miles ahead of its fellow states. Check out the list of other states and their stats. Andhra Pradesh has the lowest percentage in the region.

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StatePercentage of people owning a car
Tamil Nadu6.5
Andhra Pradesh2.8

The mid and western parts of the country are quite decent in terms of the households owning cars. It must be noted here that the states of Bihar, Odisha and West Bengal have some of the lowest percentages of households owning a car.

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People Cars State India
StatePercentage of people owning a car
Madhya Pradesh5.3

The north-eastern states also have some of the highest percentages of people owning cars. This could largely be due to the topography and living conditions there. Being hilly areas and remote places, it is almost a necessity to own personal vehicles to get around.

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StatePercentage of people owning a car
Arunachal Pradesh19.3

In addition to the state-wise percentage of people who own cars, the average population in India that owns a car has risen up to 7.5% compared to a mere 6% back in 2018.

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