Problematic Jeep Compass and Poor RSA Leave Father-Son Duo Stranded in Heat For Entire Day

Jeep has had a mixed experience in our market with the Compass. Some people are true fans of the product but some highlight the dark side of owning a Jeep.

This Jeep Compass owner brings to light the issues with the car and the unprofessional staff in charge of the RSA (Road-Side Assistance) service. Aishwarya Avinashe, the Compass owner, has shared his terrible experience with his new SUV recently. There have been a few cases where the Compass is giving trouble to the owners due to electrical faults or creaking sounds from inside the cabin. The service team has not been able to detect problems in some cases. This time around, the customer is not satisfied even with the RSA department which created a dangerous situation for him and his father.

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jeep compass issues poor rsa

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Jeep Compass RSA Issues

Aishwarya has shared his horrendous experience of how he got stuck in the middle of the road with his father. The Compass suddenly malfunctioned, the windows were not operable with the switches, AC and ventilated seats stopped working, the steering got locked, there were signs suggesting 4WD service, transmission service and DEF service, and the entire electrical system failed. Thankfully, they were able to open the doors and get out of the vehicle, he mentions. Having been stuck on the roadside, he called the RSA service. However, it took the entire day for the RSA to arrive and the owner and his 60-year-old father were left stranded on the road until night. The video of the SUV after the arrival of the RSA service shows the electrical system failure and the car not responding. This is a terrible situation to be in with a new car that is considered to be world-class.

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The owner mentions that a car that could malfunction suddenly while driving can’t be considered safe. There were no signs or warning indications regarding the battery or anything of that sort. The SUV suddenly showed signs of electrical failure and turned off. We don’t need to belabour the point of how unsafe the situation could have been, had it happened on a lonely road in the middle of nowhere at night. Also, the service network of Jeep is not dense enough for RSA to arrive rapidly either. The owner was left with no option but to wait it out in the open.

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We hope that Jeep fixes these issues in the Compass and works on training the staff to deal with such scenarios better. Also, it should focus on expanding its footprint through the service and dealership touchpoints. Only that could give the customers peace of mind. Also, let us hope that Jeep listens to this owner and solves all the issues he has been facing at the earliest.

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