WATCH Jeep Compass 4xe Electric Hybrid Review

Jeep has been steadily moving towards electrified powertrains for its iconic SUVs and this 4xe electric hybrid version of the Jeep Compass proves just that.

This 4xe Trailhawk version of the Jeep Compass could carry you to some of the most difficult terrains with utmost ease while keeping the Greenpeace happy. Jeep products have inherent off-road capabilities in their DNA. Electrifying the powertrain is not going to change that. In fact, this hybrid powertrain only enhances its performance quite significantly. Let us check out what this hybrid Compass offers.

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Jeep Compass 4xe Electric Review

A UK media house has come up with a thorough review of the Jeep Compass 4xe hybrid. On the outside, there are not too many details to distinguish it from the regular model save for the 4xe badging and a black decal and graphics on the bonnet that actually helps in cooling the engine. However, once you move inside, the updates become more apparent. The quality of the overall cabin and materials has been updated. The dashboard layout and modern features are plenty. One will have the convenience of connected car tech, a free-standing digital infotainment display, digital instrument cluster, smartphone connectivity and more. 

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Compared to the rivals in the UK, the space and practically inside the cabin is at par. This Compass has been improved in terms of comfort and practicality from the last-gen model. The seating at the rear could fit 3 individuals with a relatively flat seats and floor. The boot is large enough to match the segment. 

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Jeep Compass 4xe Electric


This 4xe Jeep Compass comes powered by a 1.3-litre turbo petrol engine powering the front wheels and an electric motor powering the rear wheels. The combined output of the system stands at an impressive 237 hp. At slow to moderate speeds, the electric-only range is around 48 km which is great for fuel efficiency. With various drive modes on offer, the Compass 4xe could tread almost any off-road track with maximum traction and minimum effort. The SUV stays true to its heritage of being a mighty capable off-roader even when the powertrains head toward the electricity. We will have to wait to see if Jeep decides to bring this variant to our shores. 

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