Check Out The Real World Mileage Test of Bajaj Pulsar F250 & N250!

Bajaj had recently launched Bajaj Pulsar in two variants; F250 and N250. Here is a video that tests the real-world mileage of both these bikes.

Here is a video that tests the real-world mileage of the Bajaj Pulsar bikes. This will be compared to the mileage that the company claims. The Pulsar bikes are some of the most popular bikes in the Indian market. Bajaj offers the Pulsar range in almost all the major segments. The facelifted Bajaj Pulsars come in the form of F250 and N250. While both these bikes come with the same specifications, the slight difference in weights might affect the fuel economy. Let us check out the results of the mileage test in real-world conditions.

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Real World Mileage Test – Bajaj Pulsar

The YouTuber begins the test by setting the trip info to 0 and filling the tanks of the bikes up to the brim. They decide to undertake a journey of around 45 km. The road is mostly a part of the highway and not many patches of broken roads or traffic situations arise. The riders ensured that the bikes remain in a relaxed condition with speeds hovering around the 60-80 km/h range. The man mentions that it was only once that he hit the 100 km/h mark. Apart from that, both the bikes maintain a constant speed. At the end of around 45 km, they take the bikes to the petrol pump. The F250 consumed only 0.65 l for the 45 km with a mileage of around 69 km/l. The N250 consumed 0.73 l which makes the mileage around 61 km/l. Since these bikes were driven in almost ideal conditions, one could certainly expect a healthy mileage of over 40 km/l in regular driving.

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Real World Mileage Pulsar


The Bajaj Pulsar 250 is powered by a 250 cc single-cylinder engine which churns out 24 PS and 20 Nm of peak power and torque respectively. There will be a 6-speed gearbox with a slipper and assist clutch for smooth gear shifts. The price of the Pulsar N250 is Rs 1.38 lakh and the F250 is Rs 1.40 lakh, ex-showroom. The rivals of the Pulsar 250 include the likes of Suzuki Gixxer SF250, Xtreme 200S and Yamaha FZ25.

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