Ford EcoSport Leaves Skoda Kushaq Owner Surprised

Although the Kushaq and EcoSport belong to two distinct segments, they are both known for offering great build quality and driving dynamics.

Here is a detailed video of a Skoda Kushaq owner who reviews the Ford EcoSport. The EcoSport was among the very first compact SUVs in the country that gave rise to this segment altogether. Although Ford has quit manufacturing cars in India, the loyal fans of EcoSport and Endeavour are still plenty. On the other hand, the Skoda Kushaq is also among the better driving mid-size SUVs in the country. Its iconic TSI engine from the parent company, VW, is one of the best around and the preferred choice for driving enthusiasts. Here is what the Kushaq owner had to say about the EcoSport.

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Kushaq Owner Reviews EcoSport

To begin with, the EcoSport owner shows the compact SUV around to the Kushaq owner from the outside. One prominent aspect that caught the latter’s attention was the heaviness of the boot door indicating a tough build quality. EcoSport is known for being a heavy and rugged SUV that could take some beating. On the inside, the Kushaq owner is pleasantly surprised by the features on offer on this SUV that has cost just around Rs 10.50 lakh in the diesel guise. The fit and finished and the quality of materials used inside the cabin are quite premium compared to the rivals. The touchscreen for the infotainment system is quite sleek too.

Once the Kushaq owner drives the EcoSport, he mentions that the gearshifting in the EcoSport is much smoother than the Kushaq. He is mighty impressive by the pulling power of and driving mannerisms of the EcoSport. The diesel engine has a ton of pull and makes for a great value for money for such an impressive engine. The slight downside is the roaring noise of the diesel mill that could get quite boomy if the engine is pushed to its limits. Apart from that, the materials used inside the cabin are decent.

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Kushaq Owner Reviews EcoSport

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Overall, both the men acknowledge that there are a ton of fans of the EcoSport and the Endeavour in India and are a bit disappointed that Ford decided to quit the market altogether. They are of the opinion that Ford could have carried on with these two SUVs for at least one more year. Nevertheless, the American carmaker has acquired quite a few loyal fans in India for a long time.

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