Kia Sonet Buyer Cancels Booking and Buys Used Ford Ecosport Instead

Well, you wouldn’t hear about a potential Kia Sonet buyer opting for a used Ford Ecosport at the last moment too often. But if the preposition makes sense, why not?

This article talks about a potential Kia Sonet buyer cancelling his booking and going for a used Ford Ecosport instead. While we know the cult following and distinctive characteristics of an Ecosport from all these years, it doesn’t happen too often that someone would rate it above a brand new Kia Sonet, which is also a massively popular product in our market. So, what propelled the man to choose the old workhorse from Ford over the modern, feature-loaded Sonet, let us find out?

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Kia Sonet Cancelled In Favour Of Used Ecosport

The video has been uploaded on YouTube and captures the 2014 Ford Ecosport. While the on-road price of the Kia Sonet 1.2-litre petrol was around Rs 10 lakh, the owner bought this top-trim diesel Ecosport in orange paint shade for just Rs 4.25 lakh. This almost equals the down payment the man was about to pay for the Sonet. The new owner takes us through the condition of the car beginning from the outside. The overall exterior of the compact SUV is quite decent save for a few minor dents on the body. This includes a scratch mark on the left door panel, a dent of the front fender and rattling noise from the spare wheel cover mounted on the boot lid. Apart from that, all 5 tyres are brand new.

On the inside, the components are not worn out in any fashion. This also confirms the 55,000 km that the SUV has been driven. It is not much for a diesel car, as highlighted by the owner too. The condition of the cabin is quite fresh and the age is not visible from any angle. Being the top variant, it comes with all the bells and whistles. While driving, there is no issue of performance but the owner confesses that the wheel alignment is out. He is ready to take the car for service to take care of such small problems and after investing around Rs 6,000, everything should be fine.

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kia sonet booking used ford ecosport
kia sonet booking used ford ecosport

This incident introduces the potential car owners to the possibilities of buying used cars as opposed to new ones according to the requirements. Let us know what you thought of this owner buying a used Ford Ecosport instead of a new Kia Sonet.

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