Tanker Rams Into A Toyota Fortuner From The Side – Impressive Safety!

Here is a recent accident that involves the Toyota Fortuner where it was rammed by a commercial tanker from the side.

Toyota cars are known to be well built and your long lasting companions. We are not sure about the Glanza and Urban Cruiser, but Toyota Fortuner, Innova Crysta and Etios are said to be known as high mileage munchers. As for the Fortuner, despite having a small roll-over tendency, it is known to withstand most severe of accidents.

Here is a recent accident that recently happened in Tamil Nadu. BJP MP Khushbu Sundar was travelling in her Toyota Fortuner on a highway when it was hit by a tanker from the side. The speed of the tanker was higher than what it should be and the driver could not apply the brakes in time.

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Looking at the photos, we can see that the accident was very severe. Both the doors are heavily damaged and you can actually see the components beyond the metal sheets. The frame of the car can be seen which is usually never seen in any accident. However, despite that, pillars are still in shape and the door has not come off.

The actress/politician was seated at the back during the accident and came out without any injuries. This shows the impressive build quality of Fortuner and how it braved through all this impact. The upcoming new generation Fortuner has already been tested in ASEAN NCAP crash tests and reported a safe 5-star rating.

Toyota Fortuner currently gets a 2.7 Litre petrol engine and a 2.8 Litre turbo-diesel engine. The 2.4 Litre diesel engine has been discontinued owing to the BS6 norms and now comes only on the Innova Crysta. Prices start off at Rs 28.66 Lakhs up to Rs 36.88 Lakhs (Ex-showroom).