Up To 90% Finance On Tata Nano Within 48 Hours


Tata is leaving no stone unturned to pull up the sales of Tata Nano, the small car from its stable which is also the world’s cheapest car. Recently Tata announced a free 4 Years Extended Warranty on Tata Nano to attract more customers and to instill confidence. Since the month of December is anyways lowest in sales for most automobile companies, Tata has been giving its best shot to sell more Nanos. Tata Motors Finance (TMF) will approve a customer’s loan for Tata Nano up to 90% of the value of the car within 48 hours if all the required documents are in order. Attractive interest rates are also being offered especially on Tata Nano. Apart from the normal Tata dealerships, Tata has opened some Special Nano Access Points for rural customers to test-drive Nano and experience the same before making final purchase decision.


With all these measures, sales are expected to improve. With time, Tata is also revamping its small wonder to a new version, the New Model Tata Nano V2 which will come out in first half of 2011 with improved features. For complete comparison, check out –

Tata Nano V2 Vs. Existing Tata Nano – Details Of Upgraded Version Of Tata Nano