Tata Harrier Gets Squeezed Between Two Trailers, Keeps All SAFE

We have seen countless times how rugged and tough Tata Harrier could be but this latest incident proves it beyond a shred of doubt.

In this video, a Tata Harrier gets squeezed between two trailers on a highway. Harrier is a popular SUV from Tata Motors known for its rugged build quality and striking bold looks. In this case, it became an unfortunate victim of a horrific situation. It is because of its impressive performance in such conditions that people love it so much. Let us check out the details of this crazy incident.

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Tata Harrier Squeezed Between Two Trailers

The video has been posted by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. He regularly posts such content in order to raise awareness among Indian buyers regarding the importance of buying cars with high safety ratings. This case has been reported from Rajasthan where an aged couple was travelling from Kota to Jaipur along with their driver. At one point, the SUV found itself in the middle of two trailers. Suddenly, the trailer at the front applied brakes due to some unforeseen situation. As a result, the driver of the Harrier did too.

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However, the trailer behind the Harrier was not able to react as quickly and ended up hitting the SUV from the side before colliding with the other trailer. It suffered the most damage as seen from the visuals. The video also shows that the right side of the Harrier has suffered some damage, while the front end has minor dents after hitting the trailer at the front. Thankfully, the tough build quality of the SUV was able to protect the passengers.

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We would like to divert the attention of our readers toward the importance of driving within the speed limits. Most road accidents take place due to overspeeding. Hence, we recommend always driving slowly so that you have enough time to react to sudden conditions on the road, which is quite common. Make sure to follow the traffic regulations to promote road safety.

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Tata Harrier accident with Truck
Tata Harrier Squeezed Between Two Trailers

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