Tata Harrier Skids on Sunflower Due to Worn-Out Tires, Turns Turtle

In the latest incident, a Tata Harrier turns turtle after skidding on a sunflower. Harrier has shown promising safety prowess in a number of crashes that have been recorded online. That is expected from Tata Motors which has a ton of cars with a 5 or 4-star safety rating in the market. It focuses a lot on building cars with strong bodies and architecture which proves to be decisive for passenger safety during undesirable situations.

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Tata Harrier Turns Turtle

Nikhil Rana shares this video clip on his YouTube channel which is full of such content in order to raise awareness among Indian car buyers regarding the relevance of safer cars. This incident has been reported from Karnataka on a village road near Valakamadinni. The local farmers had put a sunflower plant on the road. The Harrier was being driven at a slightly high speed. Seeing the sunflower suddenly caused the driver the loose control of the SUV and the vehicle skidded and landed upside down in the field nearby. According to the information provided to the YouTuber, the owner of the Harrier escaped without any injuries.

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The damage to the vehicle is also not too comprehensive. Harrier is seen lying upside down in the field but the body has absorbed the impact quite impressively. There is no visible damage to the side pillars or other components. However, the tires on the SUV look worn out which might have caused the vehicle to skid, in the first place. But the fact that the passenger was saved and no serious deformities appear on the body of Harrier is a testament to the build quality and leads us to believe that it will score well in the GNCAP crash test.

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tata harrier skidded sunflower
A Tata Harrier which seems to have worn out tires skidded on sunflower plants left on road to dry.

We would like to urge our readers to follow traffic rules at all times and prevent overspeeding. It continues to be the most common reason for unfortunate incidents on the roads. Make sure to drive within the speed limit and discourage others from overspeeding too. It’s also important to replace worn-out tires as the earliest. This is important for optimum braking performance and grip.

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