Tata Harrier Vs Toyota Innova Quick Drag Race – See Who’s The Winner

Here is a video of a quick drag race between Tata Harrier and Toyota Innova. Check out which one is the winner among the two.

Toyota Innova is one of the oldest surviving cars in India, recently completing 15 years in the market. From the time that it was priced under Rs 7 Lakh and to now, a lot of things have changed with the MPV. It has become bigger, costlier and more premium. The top-end Innova goes up to nearly 25 Lakhs (ex-showroom).

Among the latest popular cars that we have right now, one is the Tata Harrier. Build on the platform of JLR, Harrier is very premium but very well built as well. Here is a drag race video between Harrier and Innova, to see which one is quicker on its toes. Both of them are diesel cars but Innova is more powerful.

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As you can see the video, Tata Harrier takes a very early lead leaving Innova Crysta behind. You all might have known the answer earlier itself. By the second gear, Harrier is way ahead of Innova leaving just dust behind. Even in the second round, the SUV races ahead of the Innova and this time, even faster.

This Innova comes with a 2.8 Litre turbo diesel engine that produces 171 BHP and 360 Nm of peak torque. The second engine that came on Innova is the 2.4 Litre unit which had power figures very new to the Harrier. The latter gets a 2.0 Litre turbo-diesel engine that is good for 140 PS and 350 Nm of peak torque.

However, with the new BS6 version launched, Harrier has seen a power boost. With the same engine, it now produces 170 PS, that is 30 PS more. Both the cars in this race get manual as well as an automatic gearbox. However, Innova is the only one that comes with a petrol engine onboard.

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Last thing to summarise is their power to weight ratio. Both the cars are big but the Innova is even bigger. While the Harrier is around 1650 kilograms, the Innova is about 1900 kilograms. So the power to weight ratio plays a role over here, which makes the Harrier a winner even on the papers.

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