Toyota Fortuner Vs Land Rover Discovery Drag Race – Unexpected Result!

Here is a video of a quick drag race between Toyota Fortuner and Range Rover Discovery. See which one wins the race!

Toyota Fortuner has a huge fan following in India, probably better in the Tier-II and Tier-III cities. Its brute looks, powerful diesel engine and the big dimensions make it an all-rounder. Many buy it for the reliability, many for the comfortable cabin and many for its off-roading capabilities.

Here is one video where you can see where the Toyota Fortuner is put against the Land Rover Discovery. In the first race, you can see the Fortuner taking an initial lead which it manages to hold on to. Towards the end, Discovery manages to come as close as possible as it overtakes literally by a couple of inches.

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In the second race, you can clearly see the Fortuner taking the lead again and this time, it manages to hold on to it. In this race, the Land Rover Discovery is left a lot behind. However, this seems a bit impossible and clearly looks like the driver of Discovery did not put the pedal to the metal. Something is amiss.

Fortuner gets a 2.8-litre diesel engine that produces 175 BHP and 450 Nm of peak torque, mated to a 6-speed MT and a 6-speed AT. As for the Discovery, it gets a smaller 2.0 Litre diesel engine that produces 177 BHP and 430 Nm of peak torque. Technically, the Fortuner is torquier and probably that’s why an early lead.

Fortuner recently got a BS6 upgrade where its 2.4 Litre diesel engine was discontinued. Now, it continues with its 2.7 Litre petrol and 2.8 Litre diesel engine, both with the options of a MT as well as an AT. However, the active 4WD system only comes with the diesel engine. The petrol engine gets 2WD as standard.

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The prices of Fortuner commence at Rs 28.66 Lakhs going up to Rs 34.43 Lakhs. In the case of Land Rover Discovery, it is priced from Rs 59.9 Lakhs up to Rs 63.32 Lakhs (all prices ex-showroom). The latter definitely is more sophisticated and offers tons of more features. However, there’s nothing beating a Toyota when it comes to reliability.