Tata Optimistic About Nano Sales – Increases Production to 150%


Tata Motors has been trying hard to promote and market its wonderful small car Tata Nano through special 48 hour finance scheme, 4 years free extended warranty and up to 90% finance via TMF. Also the new Tata Nano TV commercials being aired on Indian television are also quite interesting and create a good impression of Tata Nano. These all efforts are actually working quite well as Tata has clocked 5700 units sales of Tata Nano in December 2010 alone. This is a great sales figure and a good response for the world’s cheapest small car. Tata has increased the production of Tata Nano at its Sanand plant from previous 200 units a day to 300 units a day to meet the expected rise in the demand of Tata Nano over coming months.

Tata Motors Dealerships are also quite optimistic about the demand and sales figures of Tata Nano in the months to come. At present there is no other car in the segment of Tata Nano both in terms of price bracket as well the fuel economy. An improvement in the image of the product in the minds of the potential buyers and proof of credibility of the product with time will help boost the sales further.


We will keep an eye on the developments related to Tata Nano. Stay tuned for more news.

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