Tata Nano Promotion Team Doing Good Job With TV Commercials


Tata is leaving no stone unturned to make Tata Nano successful in terms of sales. Tata Nano is lately gaining popularity and sales momentum slowly with special schemes like 4 Years Extended Warranty and special maintenance package, Availability of Tata Nano all over India, Special Tata Nano Finance Schemes and lot more. The sales of Tata Nano has picked up with these efforts in the month December 2010 and the production has also been ramped up to higher levels. To help grow the sales further and make Nano more popular, the new TV commercials of Tata Nano are helping a great deal. In India a lot of people from middle class and lower middle class watch TV quite often and it’s a very effective way of reaching the target buyers and leaving a strong positive impression of Tata Nano on their mind.


Below are the TV commercial of Tata Nano which show three different conditions to show how Tata Nano can impact the people who want to upgrade from a two-wheeler to a four-wheeler. One of these ads show a couple driving through rain and singing, other one shows a young couple enjoying each others company in the middle of a short traffic jam. The third one shows a small family of four driving comfortably on their car. These ads not only contain the feature aspects of the car, but the social and usability aspect of Nano for the entry level car buyers who want to upgrade from two-wheelers.

Tata Nano Rain TV Commercial
Tata Nano Young Couple TV Commercial
Tata Nano Family TV Commercial

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