Tata Nexon EV Charger Chewed By Cow, Owner Left Helpless

In a new viral video, a Tata Nexon EV claimed that the charging port of his car was damaged by a cow.

Stray animals are a huge problem on Indian roads. Whether it’s dogs in the streets or cattle on highways, random movements have caused many accidents. Now, even parked vehicles are being damaged. A Tata Nexon EV owner was unpleasantly surprised to find his car’s charging port broken. Apparently, it was damaged by a stray cow. Mr. Sumit (@SumitKK3) shared the video of this incident on Twitter. You can see significant damage to the charging port of the Tata Nexon EV.

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Mr. Sumit claims that his Tata Nexon EV was charging outside his home as usual. At a certain point, a stray cow ran through the area. During this activity, it pulled the charging plug that was attached to the car. Usually, the connector gets locked when the charger is connected to the car. This means that the cow applied so much force that the charger was pulled from the socket. As a result, the connector plug is now unusable. Mr. Sumit might have to replace the whole charger now. While the exact cost is now clear, even third-party replacement cables cost Rs 20,000 – Rs 35,000.

Tata Nexon EV Charging Port Damaged By Stray Cattle

Cattle Versus Cars

Unfortunately, this is not the only incident where a car was damaged by stray cattle. Recently, a herd of stray cattle damaged a parked Tata Tigor. This incident was also caught on CCTV. It shows a herd of cattle on a rampaging run. The Tata Tigor was unwilling to be part of this chaos. As it was parked on the side, the Tigor received multiple dents and scratches. Initially, the car owner suspected anti-social elements. However, everyone was shocked to see a big herd of cattle on the CCTV.

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In general, stay cattle and dogs have become a nig problem on Indian roads. Nothing much has been done to resolve this issue, despite many promises. As a result, Indian roads are way more unpredictable now. It is advisable to drive defensively and avoid overspeeding. Especially at night and in foggy weather, tray cattle are quite hard to see. Even overtaking is a bad idea as any animal might jump out of nowhere. We will also advise you to not leave any gap on the charging side of your EV. This will make it difficult for random animals to remove or chew the charging cables.

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