First-ever Tata Nexon With Matt White Paint Protection Film – This is IT!

These images reveal the first Tata Nexon in India with a Paint Protection Film (PPF) in matt white finish. Things like PPF and Ceramic coatings are becoming increasingly popular these days due to the various advantages they offer. When people buy a new car, they take care of it intensively. They want the car to look new for as long as possible. That is where things like PPF and Ceramic Coating come into the picture. These images also show the first Tata Nexon in India with a matt white PPF. Let us discuss the types of coatings for your car and their advantages.

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Nexon Paint Protection Film

Tata Nexon Paint Protection Film

The owner of the Nexon has bought the white colour of the SUV. The types of PPFs available in the market include either a transparent glossy film or a matt-finished film. Both of these have distinct characteristics in terms of the appearance of the car. However, the purpose of both is the same. Therefore, glossy or matt really depends on your preference. A lot of people want their cars to be glossy and shiny as they get them from the showroom on day one. But the toned-down matt finish is becoming popular among some buyers these days as well. We recommend that you see both these types in real life and then take a call depending on which one suits you better.

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Nexon Paint Protection Film


There are a ton of advantages of wrapping the body of your car with a PPF. As we all know, a vast majority of our population park their vehicles in the open. Here, the cars are exposed to environmental elements. This might include dust, debris, birds, animals, yellowish layer (on white coloured cars) over a period of time and much more. It is important to mention that the carmakers don’t offer a lifetime warranty on the paint of your car. Although they have done a good job with the paint prevention techniques at the time of manufacturing, it still might not be enough say, after 5 years. And a whole bunch of people own a car for a longer duration than that.

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Nexon Paint Protection Film

The PPF is stuck to the body of the car and prevents the harmful elements of the environment to affect the paint. Essentially, you have covered the actual body of your car with a solid layer. This can prevent water accumulation on the body, offers ways maintenance when a bird has done its deed on the car, for instance, cleaning, oxidation, yellow layer formation over the years and much more. In fact, some of the minor scratches can also be healed with the application of this film. However, if you change your cars frequently, then it might not be worth the investment for you. Nevertheless, this Tata Nexon with the Paint Protection Film in matt white finish is quite dope and unique.

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