Tata Punch Keeps Film Actress Safe in a Freak Accident

Car News ยป Tata Punch Keeps Film Actress Safe in a Freak Accident

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Tata Punch impressed one and all after its tremendous performance at the global NCAP becoming the most affordable car to have a 5-star rating.

In the latest incident, Soma Laishram, a popular Manipuri actress was involved in an accident in her Tata Punch. The micro SUV has gained a ton of applause from potential customers and industry experts alike for being the most affordable 5-star rated car in the country. That is the reason why even some celebrities prefer to have it as their second car, as in the case of Soma Laishram. That turned out to be the sole reason why she survived a horrible crash.

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Manipuri Actress Crashes Her Tata Punch

The video has been uploaded by Nikhil Rana on his YouTube channel. He has taken it upon himself to inspire people to become conscious of the importance of safety in cars and on the road through his content. As per the information in the video, the Manipuri actress was travelling for a shoot when a biker suddenly appeared in front of her. In a bid to save him, she steered the vehicle away ending up in a paddy field. Unfortunately, the micro SUV overturned. However, owing to the tough build quality of the Punch, the actress escaped with minor injuries to the head.

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As far as the damage is concerned, the visuals vividly inform about the condition of the vehicle. Due to getting rolled over, the roof and windshield of the Punch have sustained damage. In addition to that, the doors, bumper, and other body parts are also seen bent. Most importantly, the side pillars have absorbed the impact and prevented any major damage to enter the cabin. This is a testament to the build of the SUV because of which it was able to survive this crash convincingly.

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tata punch accident manipur film actress sona lashram
Tata Punch has time and again proven to be a robust offering that has kept its occupants safe in some major crashes.

Finally, we would like to inform our readers about the necessity to follow traffic rules. We, unfortunately, lose thousands of lives on the roads every single year. Most of these accidents are a direct result of overspeeding. Hence, we must strive to follow the speed limits on every road. In such cases, you can control the situation even if the other person on the road is at fault or driving recklessly. Stay safe and follow the traffic rules.

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