Indian Army Reviews Kaziranga Editions of Tata SUVs

Indian army serves in some of the most treacherous terrains in the world which is why they find appeal in robust products that can withstand such conditions.

Tata Motors had recently introduced the Kaziranga editions of its popular SUVs and this video captures our Indian Army reviewing it. Inspired by the Kaziranga National Park in Assam, the SUVs boast a few new features specific to this edition. Also, the special Grassland Beige colour with a piano black roof makes these SUVs look unique. Resembling the camouflage uniform of the Indian army, these SUVs are bound to capture the appreciation and attraction of the Army personnel. Let us check out what they have to say about these SUVs.

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Indian Army Reviews Kaziranga Editions of Tata SUVs

The YouTuber who has uploaded this video is interviewing the army personnel and asking about their opinions on the Kaziranga editions of the Tata SUVs. In response, the army officers express their enthusiasm toward Tata Motors in general and Kaziranga Edition SUVs in particular. One officer mentions that it feels great that an Indian brand is developing world-class products with modern features and rugged build quality. Also, the Kaziranga Edition name is appealing to the army men since a lot of them have served in that region. He also indicates the success of the ‘Make in India’ initiative under which such vehicles are being developed.

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The other army officer mentions that his favourite car is the Nexon. It is also one of the consistent performers for Tata Motors on the sales charts. He wants to buy the top model of the Tata Nexon Kaziranga Edition. This edition of the Nexon comes with special features like a tropical wood finish on the dashboard, Rhino embossed on the headrest to represent the great Indian one-horned Rhino found in Kaziranga, leather front seats with ventilation function, jet black diamond-cut alloy wheels, auto-dimming IRVMs, ait purifier, Satin black Rhino Mascot on the front fender and much more.

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tata punch nexon harrier safari kaziranga edition indian army

Specs and Price

The Tata Nexon Kaziranga edition is offered with the same powertrain options as the regular Nexon. This includes a 1.2-litre turbo petrol engine making 120 hp and 170 Nm and a 1.5-litre turbo diesel making 110 hp and 260 Nm of peak power and torque respectively. There are options of a 6-speed manual or an AMT gearbox. The Kaziranga Edition of the Tata Nexon ranges between Rs 11.78 lakh and Rs 13.73 lakh, ex-showroom. Nexon is popular for being the first Indian car to score a full 5-star safety rating at the GNCAP by virtue of which, it has managed to save its occupants from grave injuries time and again.

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