This is How Thieves Arrive in Maruti Swift to Steal More Swifts

Being one of the highest-selling cars in the country also makes the Maruti Swift the most vulnerable to thefts.

This video records how thousands of Maruti Swift cars are stolen in India every year. Swift is one of the highest-selling cars in our market of all time. Its appeal lies in its affordability, modern design, efficient engine, and great mileage among other things. As result, it has successfully been able to attract buyers since 2005. However, it also means that the mischievous elements of society as well-versed with the procedure to steal such a common car. Here is one such example.

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Thousands of Maruti Swift Cars Stolen in India

The video clip has been uploaded by Car Singh Official on YouTube. As per the information in the video, Swift is the most common car that thieves choose to steal. Part of the reason is the sheer number of Swifts on our roads. Also, since these entities have figured out a way to break-in into a Swift, it makes the entire job easier as there isn’t too much effort needed to pick one up. The video clip captures live footage of the hatchback being stolen.

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The miscreants arrive at the scene in a Swift. One of the guys gets out and starts inspecting the area under the front fender of a parked Swift. He inserts his hand near the tyre and performs some action which unlocks the car somehow. It could also be to disengage the engine immobiliser which is installed in modern cars to prevent people from driving the car without the original key. However, within no time, the man is able to enter the hatchback and jump-start it by manipulating the electrical wires.

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CCTV Footage Records Theft

The CCTV footage records the Swift being driven away along with the Swift in which the thief came. The entire deed was done in a matter of minutes from an area which looks properly residential with houses nearby. It is concerning how easily the Swift can be stolen if parked on the roadside, which is the case with a large chunk of the population in our country. We can only advise our readers to park cars in proper parking lots or somewhere close to your house. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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maruti swift stolen new method
Maruti Swift Cars Stolen in India

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