How Do You Know It Is Time To Replace The Brake Pads Of Your Car?

Brakes are the most crucial components of a car. You should be aware of the health of braking components in your car through various signs.

There are quite a few signs which could convey to the driver that it is time to replace the brake pads or other components of your car. In this modern world, where it is all about horsepower and acceleration times, it is easy to forget about the braking efficiency of your car. No one really takes time out to consider which brakes their cars possess. To be fair, however, there are only 2 types of brakes, disc and drum, on most cars. But the calibration and braking power could vary from car to car. Hence, it is crucial to check the braking performance of your car when you go out for the test drive. Here are some of the signs on how to check the health of the brakes in your car.

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Replace Brake Pads Car

When To Replace Brake Pads In Your Car?

Your car will give you a ton of signs while driving to make you aware of the health of any braking components in the car. Here are some examples of it.

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  • If you hear a squeaking noise while applying brakes, chances are the brake pads in your car are worn out. This causes the rotors to come directly in contact with metal which causes this noise. This will not only be noisy but the brakes will lose their grip because the friction material is worn out.
  • Another typical sign of brake fade is when the brake pedal gets spongy or soft. This could be due to some problem with the brake fluid. Since the hydraulic components are involved, the brake pedal becomes less effective. You must get the car checked if this happens.
  • Also, if there is a problem with either of the brakes at the front, the car might steer towards one side. This happens due to uneven brake pressure on one tyre and you could imagine that this could get scary if the car is getting steered towards one side.
  • The driver could also feel vibrations on the steering wheel if the brake discs are not installed properly. If you hit a bump at high speed, the brake pads or discs could get slightly off their regular position. This will reduce the braking power because the brakes are not getting the proper contact with the disc to stop the vehicle.

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These are some of the ways to know if your car has the brakes in proper order or not. One must be careful of such things because brakes are the only components protecting you from an unfortunate scenario.

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