Touareg 2011 Hybrid SUV By Volkswagen

Volkswagen ahead of its Geneva Motor Show has launched its much awaited Hybrid SUV Volkswagen Touareg 2011 model. There is not much to say about the launch but a lot about the car which in fact speaks for itself. Talking about the overall structure of the car, it comes with a sporty look now with better carved sides of the body and lesser ground clearance resulting in a smaller frontal area. The new Volkswagen Polo and Volkswagen Golf are coming with a new horizontal facia and so will the 2011 Touareg.

Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid 2011 Specifications

Most importantly the new Touareg will sport a new hybrid engine inside the hood which will make this German SUV to be the first featuring a  Hybrid power-train with a 3.0 liter V6 MPFI petrol engine in Europe. The company will launch two variants one the hybrid gasoline and the other a V6 TDi diesel engine and both the variants are claimed to have the maximum fuel efficiency in the SUV segment in the whole of Europe and come with an eight speed automatic transmission.

The new Touareg has an enhanced fuel economy of 8.2litres for 100km with a speed of 50km/h in the electric mode, while the V6 TDi has a consumption of 7.2litres  reason being the substantial reduction in weight by 208kg from the previous model. The new model of the car sporting the petrol engine will also feature all wheel drive with Torsen limited slip differential, while for the diesel V6 TDi an optional Terrain Tech Packet can be ordered which imparts the car with a tremendous off-roading ability. A whole list of other features include the ABS, EDS, ASR, Hill descent assist with adjustment of the automatic gear shift point with an ease of a button and the V6 versions of the Touareg provide a start-stop system, shutting down the engine at traffic signals and restarting it once the brake pedal is released by the driver.

Coming to the safety features the car isn’t lagging anywhere with lane assist, nine air bags, adaptive cruise control integrating front brakes, enabling the car with better braking in emergency situations and apart from all this Volkswagen is also offering the car with a tempting badge with options like fine wood inserts and dual tone Nappa leather interiors and 19 inches alloy wheels making the car look a lot more hot.