Toyota Camry Diesel Launch Not Planned- Lexus Launch In India Under Consideration


Toyota India launched the 2012 Toyota Camry in India on 24th August 2012 with a price tag of Rs. 23.80 Lakhs as introductory price tag. As per the Toyota management, this price will go up towards the end of the year depending on the demand of the Camry and the market conditions. There was a very information Q&A session during the launch which revealed a lot of information related to Toyota India, Indian auto market and Toyota’s roadmap going forward. In this article, we share some of these details with you.

L to R Hidehisa Nagae,Sandeep Singh Singh, Hiroshi Nakagawa, Michihiko Sato, Vincente Socco

Below are the key points from the Q&A session:

  • Toyota India’s sales are strong besides tough market conditions in India for the automobile industry
  • The segment of in which the Toyota Camry has been launched is showing a strong growth. Toyota expects this segment to grow in India at 15% per year for coming years
  • Toyota will manufacture the Camry in Bangalore plant from the imported CKD kits with some of the components sourced locally from India
  • Toyota has hybrid version of Camry in some global markets, but it does not intend to launch it in India as of now
  • Toyota does not plan to bring Camry Diesel in India as there is no global model of Camry diesel in any market at present
  • The share of Petrol and Diesel cars in the segment of Camry in India is about 35% Petrol and 65% Diesel
  • Toyota does not have a target for the sales number of Camry but they believe strongly that it will do well because of the QDR- Quality, Dependability and Reliability factor of their cars and with their strong dealer network
  • Toyota Fortuner and Corolla Altis are doing well in their respective segments besides premium pricing therefore Toyota believes that pricing of Camry will not discourage sales
  • Regarding Lexus launch in India, Toyota said that it will finalize the decision about Lexus launch in India by end of 2012, Toyota India has not revealed any official timeline for the launch of Lexus in India
  • The reasons cited by Toyota India for seemingly higher pricing of Camry is the weak Rupee against Yen and improved placement and premium-ness added to the new 7th generation Camry
  • Toyota Camry has received 50 confirmed bookings of Camry in India during pre-launch

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