Toyota Prices Increase by Up to Rs 1.60 Lakh After GST Revision

Thanks to a recent increase in GST, Toyota Kirloskar Motor India has announced a substantial increase in prices of most of its cars. The Toyota Prices after GST see an increment of up to Rs 1.6 Lakh! Even Toyota’s budget-end sedan, the Etios, witnesses a price rise of up to Rs 13,000. Mostly, the Fortuner SUV, Innova Crysta MPV, Corolla D-segment sedan, and Etios C-segment sedan see a price increase. The price rise ranges between 2 percent to 7 percent. Prices of Etios Live and Camry Hybrid remain the same.

Toyota prices after gst increase

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The recent price hike comes on the back of increase in GST rates for many cars. It is noteworthy here that the total tax incidence on cars, which included GST and cess, saw a considerable decrease with the introduction of GST. The GST council took note of this deficit in its 20th meeting on August 5. It then went on to recommend Central Government to move legislative amendments for increasing maximum cess leviable on cars.

Under the revised GST slab, additional cess one mid-size vehicles has been increase by 2 percent (to a total of 17 percent). Cess on large vehicles has been increase by 5 percent (to a total of 20 percent). On SUVs, the cess has been raised by 7 percent (to a total of 22 percent). As per the earlier rates, SUVs and large vehicles attracted a cess of 15 percent over the flat rate of 28 percent. Hence, the total tax incidence on mid-size cars stands at 45 percent. On large cars and SUVs, it’s now pegged at 8 percent and 50 percent respectively. Small cars and hybrids don’t see any change.

Toyota Prices After GST – Increase of Up to 1.60 Lakh

ModelIncrease in Price
FortunerRs 1.60 Lakh
Innova CrystaRs 78,000
Corolla AltisRs 72,000
EtiosRs 13,000
Etios LivaNIL
Camry HybridNIL

The change in GST rates have made most of the Toyota cars in India considerably pricier. The Fortuner costs Rs 1.6 lakh more while the Innova Crysta sees an increment of Rs 78,000 in its price. The Corolla Altis is now dearer by Rs 72,000. The Platinum Etios witnesses an increase of up to Rs 13,000.

Toyota Prices After GST Increase – Fortuner Price List

ModelEx-showroom Prices After GST Increase
2.8 2WD MTRs  25.88 Lakh
2.8 2WD ATRs  27.36 Lakh
2.8 4WD MTRs  28.20 Lakh
2.8 4WD ATRs  29.18 Lakh
2.7 2WD MTRs  24.41 Lakh
2.7 2WD ATRs  25.96 Lakh

The Fortuner witnesses an increase of up to Rs 1.60 lakh.

Toyota Prices After GST Increase – Innova Crysta Price List 

ModelEx-showroom Prices After GST
2.4 G MTRs  13.52 Lakh
2.4 G MT 8-seaterRs  13.56 Lakh
2.4 GX MTRs  14.36 Lakh
2.4 GX MT 8-seaterRs  14.50 Lakh
2.8 GX ATRs  15.58 Lakh
2.8 GX AT 8SRs  15.62 Lakh
2.4 VX MTRs  17.02 Lakh
2.4 VX MT 8SRs  17.07 Lakh
TOURING SPORT 2.4 MTRs  17.73 Lakh
2.4 ZX MTRs  18.85 Lakh
2.8 ZX ATRs  20.07 Lakh
TOURING SPORT 2.8 ATRs  20.78 Lakh
2.7 GX MTRs  13.3 Lakh
2.7 GX ATRs  14.35 Lakh
2.7 GX AT 8SRs  14.39 Lakh
2.7 GX MT 8SRs  14.4 Lakh
2.7 VX MTRs  15.97 Lakh
TOURING SPORT 2.7 MTRs  16.68 Lakh
2.7 ZX ATRs  18.84 Lakh
TOURING SPORT 2.7 ATRs  19.55 Lakh

The Innova Crysta witnesses an increase of up to Rs 78,000.

Toyota Prices After GST Increase – Corolla Altis Price List

ModelEx-showroom Prices After GST
1.4 DGRs 16.65 Lakh
1.4 DGLRs 18.27 Lakh
1.8 GRs  14.88 Lakh
1.8 G CVTRs  16.43 Lakh
1.8 GLRs  17.16 Lakh
1.8 VL CVTRs  18.67 Lakh

The Corolla Altis witnesses an increase of up to Rs 72,000.

Toyota Prices After GST Increase – Platinum Etios Price List 

ModelEx-showroom Price After GST Increase
1.4 GXDRs  7.73 Lakh
1.4 VDRs  8.0 Lakh
1.4 VXDRs  8.6 Lakh
1.5 GXRs  6.66 Lakh
1.5 VRs  6.92 Lakh
1.5 VXRs  7.53 Lakh

The Platinum Etios witnesses an increase of up to Rs 72,000.

So, what do you think of Toyota Prices After GST Increase? Don’t you think the change in GST tax slab will have a bad effect on new car sales? Share your views with us by penning them down in the comments section below.