TVS Apache RR310 – All You Need to Know

TVS Apache RR310 launched in 2017 and still is one of the most sought Indian sports bike. It is a proper racing bike and no-nonsense. It costs Rs 2.05 Lakhs (ex-showroom), which is not at all pricey for a 300 CC bike. In this article, we have explained all the details including price, mileage and features of the RR310.

Apache RR 310 is truly a beast. Firstly, we would like to point out two facts that stand out and makes the bike attractive. Firstly, the TVS Apache RR310 looks mesmerizing to look at from any angle you choose and secondly, yes, the Racing Red colour variant with white stripes does look similar to that of the Ducati. TVS Apache RR310 sports a 312 CC engine that produces 33 BHP worth of power and 27.3 Nm worth torque. It records a top speed figure of 145 Km/hr and clocks 0-100 KMPH in just 7 seconds flat! It also gets ABS, LED Projector lamps and an LCD display screen with digital tachometer and speedometer.

TVS Apache RR310 Images - 35 Sticker

What does the number 35 on the TVS Apache RR310 signify?

TVS motors have been participating in motorsport racing around the globe for three and a half decades now. This started with the company deciding to build a race-spec version of the moped namely TVS 50 in 1983. The racing heritage is evident in the products DNA with each one of them carrying on the legacy. The TVS 50, in 1983, clocked over 100 kmph and initialised a new era for TVS.

Highlighting the major achievements of TVS over the past 35 years, following is a roadmap of the company’s success and achievements. These include 159 wins out of 185 events TVS Racing participated between 1988 till 1999 showcasing a success rate of 85%. Between the years 2000 till today, TVS Racing has participated in about 400 events and won 360 out of them. That is a win ratio of 90%!

In 1991, TVS participated in several rallies with the specifically developed SUPRA SS 100cc bike. The SUPRA SS was retired in the year 2000 and was replaced with the FIERO 150cc 4 stroke purpose-built rally bike. In 2007, TVS Racing developed a race-spec version of the Apache RTR 160 which shifted the company’s focus from off-road to on-track.

During these 35 years, TVS won a total of 519 races out of 585 proving a success rate of over 88%! In 1994, TVS Racing became the first company to start the one-make championship in India. The company also holds the title of the first Indian company to participate in none other than the world’s toughest motorsport event, the Dakar Rally.  Participants in the Dakar Rally cover over 9,000 km of the toughest terrain in the world in just 14 days. Merely completing the race is an achievement of its own.

What does the future of TVS Racing hold?

We suggest you take a couple of deep breaths before reading on as it is going to sweep the ground under your feet away. TVS Racing will introduce the track-spec model of the Apache RR 310 soon with one-make championships starting next year. This championship will take place globally, in every market TVS is present in and their national champions will compete against each other for the final trophy.

As mentioned above, the RR Cup will be a yearly event to be held in coordination with TVS Racing. The race-spec one-make Apache RR 310 will be the weapon of choice available to all participants. The RR Cup will span across Latin America, Middle East, Africa, South-East Asia and India. The winner will get a chance to represent TVS Racing in Circuit Racing Programme.

TVS Apache RR310 Images - Red and Black Colours

TVS Apache RR310

Enough with the racing, let’s divert our attention to the beautiful Apache RR 310 launched earlier today. The latest sports bike from TVS goes on sale within the week with deliveries starting as soon as a month. Variant wise pricing is unavailable as of now but the INR 2.05 lakh ex-showroom variant gets Anti-lock braking and Electronic fuel injection as standard.

TVS Apache RR310 – Design and Features

The overall body design of the Apache RR 310 is inspired by the predator of the sea, the shark. The nose, pectoral fin and the caudal fin of the shark-inspired the face, fairing design and tail of the sports bike. These measures helped TVS design the most aerodynamic bike in its category with lowest drag coefficient.

The Bi-LED headlamps cover the ram air intakes that supply cold air directly to the engine aiding power, economy and keeps the engine temperature in check. The front fascia of the Apache RR 310 has been developed in an air tunnel to make it more aerodynamic allowing the rider to ride at high speeds without the hassle of wind blasts.

The latest offering from TVS holds a split chassis trellis frame made out of aluminium and steel. Even the rear swingarm is exclusively made out of Aluminium to keep the bike’s weight in check and improve its agility.

2017 Apache RR 310 is the first Indian bike to feature a reverse inclined engine that distributes the weight evenly. Although this makes only a little difference in terms of ergonomics but further accentuates the other features.

TVS Apache RR310 Images - Red Colour

TVS Apache RR310 Specifications

312 CC liquid-cooled
Power33 BHP
Torque27.3 Nm
Top Speed145 KMPH
0-100 KMPH7 Seconds

The Apache RR310 derives its power from a single cylinder, liquid-cooled 312.2 cc engine that churns out 34 PS of power at 9,700 rpm and 27.3 Nm of torque at 7,700 rpm. The engine derives its fuel from a Bosch – Closed loop Electronic Fuel Injection system. Going by the trend, the engine is electric start only. The engine transfers its power to the rear wheel via a six-speed clutch which features an 8 plate design that eliminates a chance of finding neutral between gears giving precise shifts every time. A slipper clutch would’ve been appreciated though.

The Apache RR310 features an 11-litre fuel tank, couple that with an average fuel consumption of 30 kmpl, the rider can expect an approximate range of 250-300 km on a full tank varied by riding conditions and style. The 312cc engine of the TVS Apache RR 310 sprints the sports bike to 100 kmph from standstill in just 7.17 seconds. Similarly, 60 kmph is achieved in just 2.93 seconds. The bike hits a top speed of 160 km/h but company official claim it might even supersede that.

TVS Apache RR310 Dimensions and Measurements

Height1135 mm
Length2001 mm
Width786 mm
Ground Clearance180 mm
Weight169.5 Kgs
Fuel Capacity11 Litres

The latest offering from TVS weighs just 169.5 kg and has a payload capacity of 130kg. The Apache RR310’s height, length, width and wheelbase are 1135 mm, 2001 mm, 786 mm, 1365 mm respectively. The sports bike sits 180 m above the ground and has a saddle height of 810 mm. The Apache RR comes loaded with a 110/70-R17 tubeless tyre at the front and 150/60-R17 tubeless tyre at the rear. The front and rear rim size are MT 3.0×17 and MT 4.0×17 respectively.

TVS Apache RR310 Images - Speedo Cluster

TVS Apache RR310 – Electricals and Brakes

The TVS Apache RR 310 features a 12V, 8ah battery that powers the segment first Bi-LED projector headlamps each consuming 30W of power at 13V. The tail light features LED too and consume 4 W worth of power. The tachometer doubles up as an onboard race computer giving the rider all the necessary info like lap times, gear shift indicator and race diagnostics. Stopping power comes from a 300mm petal-type disc brake at front and a 240mm petal-type dis rake at the rear. The brakes come with ABS as standard which is further enhanced to assist the rider in mid-turn braking and eliminating rear lift under hard braking.

TVS Apache RR 310 Price

Rs 2.05 Lakhs (ex-showroom)

TVS has launched the Apache RR 310 at a price of INR 2.05 lakh ex-showroom. The company hinted at this being the base model, which, still gets features the ABS and EFI as standard. Further variant vice price list is yet to be released and we will update you as soon as it is released. The Apache RR 310 satisfies well in terms of value for money as the bike is being manufactured locally and TVS successfully kept the final price in check.

TVS Apache RR 310 – Likes and Dislikes

The TVS Apache RR 310 comes loaded with numerous features and segment firsts. Following are the facts we liked the most on the Apache RR 310. Firstly, the engine, developed in conjunction with BMW, provides linear power delivery irrespective of the gear you are in. The Apache RR 310 boasts a segment-best drag coefficient of 0.26 Cd and best in class power to weight ratio. The KYB tuned suspension is another jewel in the sports bike’s crown. The advanced version of dual-channel ABS enhances rider security while the Bi-LED twin projector headlamps light the road up ahead nicely. Lastly, the Michelin tyres are a boon for Indian roads and are the most versatile tyres for two-wheelers in the market right now.

The list of dislikes is really small as we have not tested the sports bike intensely and going by our experience so far, we hardly could point out a few things the Apache RR 310 lacks in. We surely miss the slipper and assist clutch that even the upcoming Yamaha R15 V3.0 features. Secondly, the absence of grab handles for the pillion is a big negative and the bikes miss on mounting points for the saree guard, which, is mandatory by law and it would be interesting to see how the company copes with the problem. Lastly, the windscreen is raked too low and if you want to ride in an upright position, the windscreen would send the air directly to your face. Mostly tall riders would face this problem as the regular gushes of wind would lead to riding fatigue.

Check out the TVS Apache RR310 launch Gallery below