Two Door Suzuki Swift Sport 2012 Specifications & Features


Suzuki will launch the Suzuki Swift Sport 2012 new model in Germany at the Frankfurt Motor Show starting in 2nd week of September 2011. The new Suzuki Swift 2012 Sports variant is a completely different car compared to Swift in terms of features and specifications. This 2 door sports car hatchback has an updated 1.6 Litre high performance engine M16A which produces a max power of 134.1 BHP @ 6900 RPM and maximum torque of 160 Nm @ 4400 RPM. The exterior dimensions remain same as the new generation Swift at 3890mm length, 1695mm width and 1510mm height. The wheelbase also remains same at 2430 mm with the front and rear track width being 1470mm and 1475mm respectively.

Suzuki Swift Sports Next Genraation 2012 New Model

The 2012 New model Swift sport features a 6 speed manual transmission for superior control over the speeds and engine performance. The chassis has been kept light and stiff for better performance. The rear suspension of the Swift Sport 2012 has been modified and made stiffer for improved handling at higher speeds. On the engine front, it has got a high revving engine with DOCH 4 Cylinder MPFI Engine with Variable Valve timing (VVTI) system. It has also got twin exhaust,  all wheel disk brakes, electronic stability program or ESP and ABS system for effective braking. It rides on large 17 inch ally wheels for a strong road grip and performance.

On the Inside, Suzuki Swift Sport 2012 has got sport seats, seven airbags for improved safety, impact absorbing zones in the chassis of the car, high quality interiors with sporty finish. The Swift sport will be launched in Europe and has rare possibility to make it to India as the premium sports segment is not on Maruti’s priority list as of now. Those of you in UK can surely enjoy it as it will launched there in September 2011. We hop some day these sport variants will also make their way to Indian markets for the automobile enthusiast.

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