4 US Diplomats in Delhi Replace Their Cars with Auto Rickshaws – VIDEO

  • 4 US Diplomats are in love with the auto rickshaws of New Delhi.
  • They were impressed by the Tuk-Tuks when they first saw them in Pakistan.
  • They ended up buying the autos for their daily commute.

In a positively bizarre piece of news, four US diplomats decided to buy auto rickshaws in India to use for their daily commute. Yes, you heard that right! The Indian tuk-tuks are world-famous. In fact, these are the most common means of transport in big cities not just in India but in the entire South-East Asian region. However, this concept is not prevalent in western countries which explains their obsession and attraction toward them. Let us take a look at this news in depth.

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4 US Diplomats Buy Auto Rickshaws

The four diplomats that are in the Indian capital these days include Ann L Mason, Ruth Holmberg, Shareen J Kitterman, and Jennifer Bywaters. One of them was in Pakistan prior to this Indian trip where they were transported around in heavy vehicles for security reasons. At the time, she used to see the tuk-tuks outside and be fascinated by the manoeuvrability and freedom they offered. Therefore, as soon as she landed in India, the first thing she did was buy an auto.

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Her colleagues had a similar obsession with the tuk-tuks which is what made them buy these autos which they drive themselves. Weirdly enough, they take it around for their official trips around the city. Just like some other autos, they have all customized their tuk-tuks as per their needs. Hence, they have graphics on the body, tiger curtains, pink paint and more. They confirmed that it was a bit difficult to learn to drive these at first. But the locals helped them a lot which is what the aim of diplomacy is.

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They love to explore the city in autos as they are able to access those parts of the city, which might be difficult to reach in big cars. Also, it helps them connect with the locals more genuinely. They think that this is real diplomacy and it doesn’t just happen at a high level between governments. What are your thoughts on this unique information?

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US Diplomats Buy Auto Rickshaws to Replace Cars in India
US Diplomats Buy Auto Rickshaws to Replace Cars in India

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