Vehicles to come with high-security number plate right at the time of sale

From April 2019, vehicle buyers won’t face any issues while acquiring a high-security number plate (HSRP). The road transport ministry has now mandated the automobile manufacturers to provide high-security plates to buyers at the time of sale. Dealers are now mandated to affix high-security plates at the time of sale.

high security number plate image

Also, automobile manufacturers will also manufacture the third registration mark which will incorporate a colour code to indicate fuel used by the specific vehicle. These are supposed to be fixed by the authorized dealers on the windshield along with High-Security Number plate before any vehicle drives out of the showroom.

For existing vehicles, the government notification stated, “The dealers of the vehicle manufacturers may also affix such plates, supplied by the vehicle manufacturers, on old vehicles after placing the registration mark.”

HSRPs that will now come prefixed with cars sold after April 2019 will come with five years’ guarantee and the third registration mark and in order to prevent foul play and tampering, it will also come with a chromium-based hologram sticker, which once taken out, it will get destroyed.

The stickers will incorporate important details including details of registering authority, registration number, laser-branded permanent number, engine number and chassis number which will make the vehicle more secure. The scheme of colour-coding for fuel for quick detection of polluting vehicle was approved by Supreme court.

A government official said, “The cost of the High-Security Number plate will be included in the vehicle cost itself. These registration plates with the distinctive number will be linked to the government’s Vaahan database. The new scheme will bring huge relief to vehicle owners as they won’t face any harassment and there will be a nation-wide implementation of the order uniformly.”

Even though Supreme Court had ordered absolute rollout of  High-Security Number plate way back in 2005, nearly a dozen states like Maharashtra, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh have still not implemented it. Back in the day, the order was passed by SC after the 2002 Parliament attack in which a vehicle with tampered number plate was used by terrorists. HSRPs, on the other hand, have advanced security features and are tamper-proof.

Association of Registration Plates Manufacturers of India said that they will challenge the central notification in the Supreme Court.

Suren Uppal from the association said, “The Centre has no power to issue such an order or rule and it is against the MV Act. It can only lay down the form and manner of display of registration mark. Execution is a state subject. The SC had directed states to implement the rule after selecting a single vendor who would be responsible throughout the manufacturing and affixation process. The amended rules will pave way for multiple vendors and no price fixation and no accountability of the multiple vendors.”

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