Vlogger Burns Hero Splendor to See What Happens – Why???

In this video, a renowned vlogger burns a Hero Splendor bike. He regularly keeps producing such content for entertainment purposes. His videos are so popular that he has over 28 Million subscribers on YouTube. He tries to infuse some informative content in the garb of entertaining videos. For instance, in this case, the aim of the video is to find the best way to douse the fire. Let us check out the details of this unique experiment.

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Vlogger Burns Hero Splendor

The YouTuber brings the Splendor that is in working condition. In addition to that, he has professionals from the fire department. He decides to compare the various methods to put down a fire. For that, he has collected sand, water, a CO2-type fire extinguisher and an ABC-type fire extinguisher. He uses kerosine because it catches fire instantly because it is highly inflammable. As the team prepares to light the motorcycle on fire, he begins spraying the fuel on the bike thoroughly. Finally, his colleagues light up the bike.

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Within a few secs, the flames engulf the bike completely. That is when the YouTuber starts experimenting with various sources to take out the fire. In the first case, he uses sand/mud and the people pour two buckets on the bike. It reduced the intensity of the free to some extent temporarily but the flames were still strong. Then, the team poured two buckets of water which reduced the fire significantly. In the third attempt, they used the CO2-type fire extinguisher to put out the fire completely. However, the gas was spreading in all directions.

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ABC-Type Fire Extinguisher

To test the capabilities of the ABC-type fire extinguisher, they re-ignited the bike. When the flames were the most violent, the team brought the ABC-type fire extinguisher. It uses monoammonium phosphate which is capable of putting out various types of fires including Class A (wood, paper, etc.), B (liquid and gases) and C (energized source of fire), hence the name. It was, by far, the most potent way of taking out the fire as seen in the visuals. What are your thoughts on this?

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Vlogger Burns Hero Splendor
Vlogger Burns Hero Splendor

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