Volkswagen Jetta Cup Series In India

India might experience the Volkswagen Jetta Cup series like it will cheer for the Polo Cup Series events taking place this year. JK Tyre on 31st January announced its plans to bring the Jetta Cup Series to India in not more than three years. The aim for these plans is to bring India onto theĀ  global racing arena.

JK tyre being the co-sponsor of the Volkswagen Polo Cup Race in India this year is trying to inspire other brands to partner them in order to popularize this racing game in the country. The Polo Cup being launched this year will comprise of six different stages in the season. Heading forward the sponsors are hoping Volkswagen’s Jetta Cup Series to come to India within the next three years. The success of the Polo Cup could be measured by the 200+ applications received by the organizers.

JK tyre and Industries Head, Mr.. Sanjay Sharma has said that “The idea is to make it more and more popular, maybe have more races next year, and then advance to the Jetta Cup by the third year. We have the resources to take care of the needs along with Volkswagen. But, for the racing spirit to develop in the country, we want to involve more partners”.

JK Tyre has signed a three year partnership with the European car major Volkswagen for the Polo Cup and the launch is to be demonstrated in Pune this year. And most importantly the commencement of the season is scheduled for 19th June at Coimbatore.

Being the first race to be held in India with Diesel engines, the sponsors are really excited and are expecting the first two seasons to hold success.

20 teams with 25 different engines of 1.6 liter diesel variants of the European small car and the organizers expect the sponsors to expect up to 35 lakhs the maintenance of the cars and impressively the Indian drivers could be featuring the international editions of the Polo Cup from next year.