August is the month of launches with a number of important cars lined-up to be unveiled in front of the masses. Volkswagen has also confirmed the launch date of its all new 2011 Volkswagen Jetta which is 17th of August. But since the 2011 Jetta is supposed to replace the current model, the company is offering a price discount of Rs. 75,000 to clear the existing stock.

The cash discount of upto 75 k is quite inviting but it would be difficult to clear a huge number of units from the stock as people who want to buy a Jetta will definitely be waiting for the newer model.

The car is priced close to Rs. 14 Lakh and even if we deduct the discount money, the car still does not come any cheaper. Moreover no one would like to spend such an appreciable amount on an outdated model when the new 2011 Jetta is just around the corner.

The company has also started offering Volkswagen Phaeton with a humongous price discount of Rs. 25 Lakh which was a very surprising step as such a huge discount is equivalent to the price of a super luxury sedan in India.

I can only conclude that despite taking a good step by offering an appreciable cash discount the buyers will wait for the new Jetta as it is lot more loaded in terms of features and looks better, making it a worthy competitor in the market.