Volvo Reveals The All New S60 – Features And Specifications

Volvo , the company with the sole am to provide comfort and safety to its customers is ready with yet another car. This time the car is not unfamiliar, in fact its the all new Volvo S60 whose older generations set a record with sales of over 10 lakhs in its lifetime and in its segment.

The cars new look has been designed by Head designer Peter Horbury who calls it as the ‘break off’ vehicle and the new attire has been incorporated with more of a Swedish look and the new car is expected to bring sales of about 90,000 in the first year. Volvo is claiming this car to be the most dynamic car they have ever presented as a lot of research and hard work has been put into the development of the chassis and suspension, and the foundation for these claims is the extended Mondeo platform on which the car is based, coupled with revised S60-specific.


Volvo S60 Features And Technical Specifications

The car will be released with two variants one Dynamic and the other Comfort having different changes in the sub-frames and dampers. The Comfort variant will be offered as an option in Asia while the standard model in Europe will be the Dynamic one.

The revised steering in the new Volvo S60 is faster than what was coming in the older variant with a unique suspension eventually providing a firmer and sharper driving experience due to the stiff bushes and mountings in the sub-frames and mountings.

Volvo S60 will be launched with two MPFI petrol engines one with a 304BHP turbocharged 3.0 liter straight 6 cylinder and the other a 203BHP 2.0-liter turbo 4 cylinder along with two 5-cylinder diesel engines generating 205BHp and 163BHp respectively. In the first year of production further plans are to introduce two more engine variants with 240BHP 2.0 liter petrol and a 180BHP 1.6 liter unit with an amazing option of four wheel drive with all variants.

Some other cool features include Volvo’s Pedestrian Detection system which prevents imminent collision with pedestrians walking along the roadside as well as uses the brakes to avoid hitting the car in front.