VW India Rejects Govt Report Submitted by Polo Owner to Claim Warranty, Car Stuck at Dealer for 16 Months

Car News » VW India Rejects Govt Report Submitted by Polo Owner to Claim Warranty, Car Stuck at Dealer for 16 Months

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  • VW Polo is a premium hatchback that is quite popular among car enthusiasts.
  • Due to issues, it is stuck at a dealership as they refuse to fix the car under warranty.
  • The dealership gave an estimate of Rs 2.7 lakh which was later reduced to Rs 1.2 lakh after court intervention.

An actor protests against the dealership as his VW Polo is parked at the service centre for 16 months. Volkswagen has been infamous for overtly expensive maintenance of cars since its operations in India commenced. it is only recently after it developed the MQB A0 IN platform and increased localisation that these costs have come down considerably. But here is one case where it becomes prominent just how absurd the costs related to repairing its older vehicles were.

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VW Polo of an Actor Stuck at a Dealership

The video has been uploaded by asianetnews on YouTube. It shows the actor, Kiran Aravindakshan holding a placard outside the Volkswagen Service Centre in Kochi, Kerala. He bought the Polo 1.5 TDI in 2019 and drove it for around 58,000 km in 2 years. This proves that he must be an avid automobile enthusiast. However, in August 2021, his Polo stopped working for some reason. Having arranged the RSA, he transported it to EVM Kochi authorized service centre in Kerala. After inspecting the premium hatchback, it was discovered that it had water in the fuel tank.

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Moreover, the service centre gave an estimate of Rs 2.7 lakh to fix this issue. But the actor thought that it would be fixed under warranty. Kiran had taken a 2-year extended warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s 4-year warranty. Shockingly, the service centre refused to fix the car under warranty. This irked Kiran and rightly so. He approached the consumer court seeking intervention. The court ordered to send the sample for testing to ascertain whether there was water content in the diesel or not. Interestingly, there was no water found in the report.

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VW claimed that the Government report was not admissible for warranty. They urged that the sample must be sent to a test laboratory in Pune. However, the actor has been left without his car for all these months. Finally, he had to protest outside the dealership holding his placard that says, ‘Give Warranty & Stop Looting’. Let us see what happens next in this unique case.

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VW Polo of an Actor Stuck at a Dealership
VW Polo of an Actor Stuck at a Dealership

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