VW Taigun Visits Service Centre 12 Times in 3 Months- Owner to Move Court?

VW Taigun was launched in the Indian market to take on the likes of Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos but it has been reeling under various issues raised by the SUV owners.

A VW Taigun owner has shared his issues with the SUV along with the service centre in this video. Taigun is the mid-size crossover SUV from VW that is based on the MQB A0 IN platform with heavy localisation. This allowed VW to make it cost-effective to compete in the segment against the Creta and Seltos. However, things have not been going according to plan for VW as a slew of complaints regarding the AC, rattling noises in the cabin, sounds while braking, etc are surfacing. The aggrieved owner has even contemplated moving the consumer court.

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VW Taigun Service and Other Issues

The YouTuber owns the 1.0-litre TSI automatic transmission version of the Taigun. He lists out a plethora of issues with it including the weird sounds while braking at low speeds. Now, he mentions that this is not an isolated incident and social media platforms are flooded with numerous such complaints by the owners. He mentions that he has been to the service station around 11-12 times in a matter of just 3 months of purchasing the vehicle. Now, by any standards, this must be utterly frustrating. One could simply not fathom such issues in a brand new car. Furthermore, the service centre technicians are not able to provide any satisfactory solutions.

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The YouTuber has shared a clip of the service centre technician giving a completely ridiculous explanation as to why these noises are there in the car. He says that he could show these noises on any car and that it is completely normal. On top of that, the technicians, unaware of the exact solution, have replaced the brake pads on the brand new car 2-3 times claiming that this would make the noise go away. Needless to say, that didn’t happen, thereby creating further anger among the owner.

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VW Taigun owner faces several issues in his new vehicle
VW Taigun owner faces several issues in his new vehicle.

Finally, the issue of rattling noise from the cabin is also plaguing a lot of buyers. The YouTuber shows the lack of proper fit and finish on the panel next to the clutch pedal. We could only hope that VW looks into these issues seriously, acknowledges these, informs the car owners about a concrete solution and ensure a smooth implementation of the solution by its service team. Only then will the people be able to accept these as worthy competition for the Creta and Seltos.

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