Woman Does Stunts on her Scooty on a Highway in Lucknow

We often come across bikers on the roads performing mindless stunts for no apparent reason at all risking not only their lives but the lives of others too.

In this latest video, a woman is seen riding her scooty performing stunts on the highway in Lucknow. The visuals are quite clear and highlight the perils of doing such idiotic acts on the roads. Unfortunately, this is a sight that we come across quite commonly as people don’t seem to respect traffic rules or road safety at all. That continues to be a major cause for almost all undesirable incidents on our roads. Let us check out the details of this incident here.

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Woman Performs Stunts on her Scooty in Lucknow

This new report has been shared by Decode Trend on YouTube. As per the information in the video, this weird incident has been reported from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Someone driving in a car parallel to this rider is making a video of her performing crazy stunts on a busy highway. She is seen getting up and riding while standing on the road. She zips past the traffic at quite a high speed indicating reckless driving. Moreover, she is not even wearing a helmet. Needless to say, she has broken a few traffic regulations visible in this short clip itself.

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Because of this careless driving on the road, she is not only jeopardizing her own safety but that of others too. We sincerely hope that by using this video, the concerned authorities take appropriate action against her. Such brazen acts of public nuisance must not go unpunished. That is the only way to get people to respect and follow traffic rules.

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Obey Traffic Rules

Finally, we must divert the attention of our readers to the importance and need to follow traffic rules. Such stupid acts of road pliers highlight the perils associated with them and how these create a ruckus on the road. Let us try to become responsible drivers so that our roads get safer than they currently are. What are your opinions about such people?

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Woman Performs Stunts on her Scooty on a Highway in Lucknow
Woman Performs Stunts on her Scooty on a Highway in Lucknow

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