How About a Homemade Self-Balancing One-Wheeled Yamaha FZ EV?

One-wheeled motorcycles are quite uncommon in India but here’s one with an electric motor and Yamaha FZ sourced fuel tank

Think Yamaha FZ and the first image you’ll have on your mind will be of a rather stylish 150cc motorcycle with a pretty muscular look and a wide 140-section rear tyre. However, the vehicle you see in the video we have with us below misses out on both the above attributes – 1) It doesn’t have an internal combustion engine and 2) There’s no ‘rear’ tyre here as it has got just one wheel! Yes, what we have with is us today is a homemade one-wheel self-balancing electric motorcycle that has its fuel tank sourced from the Yamaha FZ16.

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The video starts with the vlogger speaking about a one-wheeled scooter he made earlier and shares that he came up with the idea to make a motorcycle on a similar format based on the feedback from viewers. He starts with preparing the structure for his vehicle and you can see him first preparing the swingarm for the vehicle. He then bolts it on an alloy wheel with a electric motor. Next, he welds the tubular chassis onto the swingarm and then goes on to finish the structure of his one-wheeled motorcycle by preparing and installing a clip-on handlebar .

Next, he fixes a fuel tank and finally used a panel from the Yamaha FZ along with a custom seat to complete the basic look of the one-wheeled motorcycle. He also says that one can use a handlebar based on his liking and same is the case with the fuel tank. The seat comes from a custom motorcycle the vlogger built earlier and isn’t the best of the fit, but it’s surely something that can be easily worked on. Finally, he fixes a footrest for the rider to stand on. The wheel and the motor come from the aforementioned scooter and the setup already features a self-balancer sensor that is easily the most important part of this build. This sensor helps the vehicle stay up on just one wheel and this even helps the rider easily use the vehicle without falling on either side.

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Unfortunately, the vlogger doesn’t show the one-wheeled Yamaha FZ EV being ridden but promises to come up with a second part of this video where he plans to share more about his creation. Needless to say, the workmanship displayed by this creator of this prototype is worth an applause and it’s actually quite heartening to see enthusiasts around the country coming up with such wonderful creations and showcasing them to all of us.

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