Yamaha FZ25 vs KTM 200 Duke!


The KTM 200 Duke can be safely credited with bringing world-class performance biking to our country’s masses. The 200 Duke has a lot going for it. Aggressive streetnaked styling, a powerful engine, a Bajaj-backed sales network and an attractive price tag. However, the baby Duke has just got a new rival to start worrying about. Yamaha today launched a 250cc bike in its popular series. The new Yamaha FZ25 looks good, wears a Yamaha badge and benefits from a really attractive price tag. So, how does these two bikes compare with each other? We try to find it out in our Yamaha FZ25 vs KTM 200 Duke comparison here-

yamaha fz25 vs ktm 200 duke comparison images

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Yamaha FZ25 vs KTM 200 Duke Comparison of Price

Yamaha FZ25 KTM 200 Duke
Price Rs 1,19,500 Rs 1,43,500

The Yamaha FZ25 has a clear price advantage over the 200 Duke. However, the Duke justifies its higher price tag by offering more power and torque. But in terms of pricing alone, there FZ25 is has a huge advantage.

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Yamaha FZ25 vs KTM 200 Duke Comparison of Specifications

Yamaha FZ25 KTM 200 Duke
Engine 249cc 199.5cc
No. of Cylinders One One
Max. Power 20.6 BHP 24.6 BHP
Peak Torque 20 Nm 19.2 Nm
Fuel Injection Yes Yes

The KTM 200 Duke is clearly the more powerful bike here. However, the FZ25 benefits from slightly higher torque.

Yamaha FZ25 vs KTM 200 Duke Comparison of Mileage

Yamaha FZ25 KTM 200 Duke
City 32 KMPL 30 KMPL
Highway 38 KMPL 35 KMPL

Of the two, the FZ25 is expected to deliver a higher average fuel mileage.

Yamaha FZ25 vs KTM 200 Duke Comparison of Top Speed

Yamaha FZ25 KTM 200 Duke
Top Speed 141 KMPH 145 KMPH

Thanks to a higher power, the Duke 200 enjoys a slightly higher top speed.

Yamaha FZ25 vs KTM 200 Duke Comparison – 0-100 KMPH Time

Yamaha FZ25 KTM 200 Duke
0-100 KMPH 9.8 Seconds 9.2 Seconds

The Duke 200 is just a wee bit quicker than the FZ 250cc.

We will update this comparison with official details on the top speed, 0-100 KMPH, etc once Yamaha releases more details about the FZ25. Till then, we hope our Yamaha FZ25 vs KTM 200 Duke comparison post here helps you have a better understanding of how these two bikes compare.

Yamaha FZ25 vs KTM 200 Duke Comparison – Verdict

As you can see, the Duke 200 seems to be slightly better in almost every aspect. However, one area where the FZ25 scores highly is its pricing. With a price of just Rs 1.19 lakh, the new Yamaha undercuts the KTM 200 Duke’s price by a good margin. Also, while India-made KTMs are world class products, one simply can’t match the reliability and even the refinement of a Yamaha product. Also, we have got a good feeling that the new FZ25 is as sharp in the corners as the baby Duke. So, the it’s not all that easy for the 200 Duke to continue dominating the segment. If nothing else, the FZ25 will definitely leave a sizable dent on the Duke 200’s sales.

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  1. […] Yamaha India has just launched an all-new bike in India. Named as the Yamaha FZ25, the new bike sits above the FZ16 and almost alongside the YZF R15 in Yamaha’s product portfolio. The new Yamaha FZ25 has gone on sale at a price of RS 1,19,500. With such an aggressive price tag, the new FZ25 has everything from a Bajaj AS200 to the KTM Duke 200 in its sights. The new Yamaha 250cc bike for India was earlier speculated to be the MT-03. Some even claimed it to be the M-Slaz. However, it’s now pretty clear that Yamaha has come up with a bike that is tailor made for our market. The new Yamaha FZ25 should make a lot of sense to the thousands of FZ16 customers. Read on for Yamaha FZ25 Price, Specifications, Features, Images, Mileage, etc. Also See- Yamaha FZ 25 vs KTM 200 Duke […]

  2. You got the pricing wrong. You’ve compared the ON ROAD PRICE of the Duke200 with ex-Showroom price of the fz25


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