Yamaha R 500 Makes For Perfect KTM RC390 Upgrade

Yamaha R 500 concept developed by a famous digital automobile designer that would make for a good upgrade from KTM RC390

This Yamaha concept is a great specimen to demonstrate the talent of its digital automobile designer, Abin_Designs_511. The artist keeps developing such interesting illustrations to offer the bike loves some refreshing ideas and concepts. Yamaha has gained a ton of fans in India primarily due to the sporty appearance of its bikes. Right from entry-level bikes to high-end performance-oriented superbikes, the exterior appearance of Yamaha bikes is unique and sporty. Let us check out the details of the Yamaha R 500, a fully-faired motorcycle that would make for a perfect upgrade from a KTM RC390

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Yamaha R 500 with 2022 KTM  RC390
Yamaha R 500 concept with 2022 KTM RC390

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Yamaha R 500 Concept

The digital designer has gone for the two most popular colours that are common in the bike industry, blue and red. However, in this concept, the exterior is not a single colour but features quite detailed body graphics to lend a unique and racing bike-kind of theme. The first thing that you would notice is the sheer compactness of the bike. The front end is aggressive and bold with a robust wind protecting visor, sharp dual LED headlamps, aerodynamically sculpted fairing, compact mudguard, stylish alloy wheels, compact handlebars, underbody and engine protection with white body graphics and R-5 branding.

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The fuel tank of the R 500 is beautifully sculpted with sharp creases and a muscular design that scoops out of the body, the split-seat setup justifies the rear configuration. The tail lamps are sleek LED units with a massive tyre at the rear. The frame of the bike also features some metallic elements for side protection which could come in handy on our roads. The raised cowl is something that we see in a lot of budget Yamaha bikes as well. Meanwhile, the latest-gen KTM RC390 gets a handful of aesthetical tweeks along with a reworked motor that continues to offer a maximum power of 43.5hp but a higher peak torque of 37Nm. The 2Nm boost in torque is courtesy a new airbox and the updated engine mapping.

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Yamaha R 500 Concept
Yamaha R 500 Concept

Let us know your thoughts about this unique and innovative Yamaha R 500 concept that this digital automobile designer has come up with. Also, which design element of this concept motorcycle do you want to see on the production model of any Yamaha bike?

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